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Landscaping, Fitness And Eco-friendly Exercise

Posted Dec 11 2008 6:53pm

I’ve been interested in gardening and landscaping since I was a kid. Going outside and working the land offers a real sense of “getting back to nature” while offering long-lasting gratification and a sense of accomplishment.

Since I am getting older now, however, I have also realized another benefit from my outdoor effort, and that being increased fitness!

There is nothing better than building a 100-foot long retaining wall and feeling the soreness in your quads and “hammies” the next day! In addition, some of the simpler tasks involved in landscaping such as mowing and trimming also offer some decent cardio benefits.

Here is the short list of the best ways to get your landscape and gardening tasks completed while getting some good exercise in the process.

Use An Eco-Friendly Reel Mower

Pushing a lawn mower around is without a doubt a great way to get your heart rate up while helping with back-end cellulite reduction but there are ways to make it better for you and the environment together.

Using a reel mower will increase your workload ten-fold because of the fact there is no motor, and in turn, help keep the air around you clean because of zero emissions. You can pick up a reel mower at most home stores of online for less than $150.

Wear Fitness Shoes

This one may not be immediately obvious, but you can get a good workout and see some cellulite reduction by wearing heavy boots or ankle weights. There is a lot of benefit to increasing the resistance while you walk, and mowing the lawn is nothing more than a long walk in a lot of straight lines!

I have also found some pretty cool athletic trainers to strap on called MBT sport shoes. These funky looking shoes are designed to flex all the muscles in your legs as you walk. Whether you choose to go the route of the ankle weight, MBT athletic shoes or just some plain old steel-toed work boots, you will see results with this idea.

Mow The Lawn Twice

This one may sound strange, but there are many ways to burn calories and one is through longer, sustained resistance. This about this: if it takes you one hour to mow your lawn, and you go over it twice, you just put in 2 hours of cardio. (now I probably enjoy lawn mowing more than most)

You can take more time and mow those checkerboard stripes in the lawn as well, giving you that baseball field look that we all like.

I hope these simple tips will help you along your route to staying in shape and gardening eco-friendly, all at the same time.

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