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Laid Back Sunday

Posted Feb 10 2013 8:40pm

Hi there, friends. Hope your  Sunday is going well. :)

It’s been a pretty laid back day over here. I had planned on going to a yoga class this morning but decided against it at the last minute. Since Alan is just getting started on insulin, I wanted to hang out at home and make sure everything went smoothly and that she was feeling ok.

All tuckered out last night after a long day.

While the dogs slept, I spent the morning catching up on blogs over a protein waffle and some coffee

and researching diabetic dog treats ( this site has some great options, for anyone who may be interested). I’ll be ordering off Amazon for the time being but I may also have to try my hand at some homemade options in the future.

Of course I’d rather Alan not have diabetes, but I’m trying to look on the bright side. I think that having a dog with a specific disease or condition only helps make me a better veterinarian. Having some first hand experience with a diabetic pet will allow me to advise my clients with even more compassion in the future because I’ll understand exactly what they’re going through. With as much as I already know about treating diabetes, I’m still finding myself coming up with questions (like, what are the best treat options for diabetic pets?) and just as I know the diabetic routine inside and out having counseled many clients through it, it’s been an adjustment and a whole new learning experience for me.

I spent most of the day doing whatever I could around the house ~ reading, cleaning ~ so I could keep an eye on Alan while she rested.

Gave my favorite little patient some mid-day fluids

She was so tuckered out she barely noticed, bless her heart.

Just this evening I could tell that she’s starting to gain back some of her spunk ~ she was following me around the kitchen trying to bully me into an early dinner. ;)

I hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday night. I’ll see you tomorrow morning bright and early with a fun giveaway!



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