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Lacking Motivation? Get It Back!

Posted Feb 18 2013 9:38am
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Is it still winter? Arghh! I don’t know about you but by the time January is finally over and February gets into full swing, the sun starts setting later in the day, and I get antsy about spring getting here and fast! I live in a mild climate, so I really have no room to complain! But winter seems to put a damper on my progress and motivation. I don’t know if it’s the late sunrise and early sunsets, the blustery winter winds, or the constant damp weather winter brings along with it. I seem to want to just curl up in bed a lot earlier, sleep in a lot later, and more often than not, I struggle to get out of bed almost everyday until daylight savings kicks in.

So here’s my inspiration for motivation for the rest of the winter. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated when all you want to do is sleep, or you remember last-minute the Grammy’s are on and you had every intention of tackling that to do list . Some times all it takes is turning off the tv, or making yourself sit in your familiar desk chair, even if you just stare at the screen for a while till you finally get that spark that makes you start rocking and rolling again.

Renew Your Passion- Re-evaluating your goals, dreams, and passions can ignite that burning desire you once had that has seemed to have been distinguished. Tear up your mile long to do list. Really contemplate on what you plan to achieve this year, 5 years, or even 10 years from now. Imagine accomplishing those goals, write down your dreams, put them in front of you every day. Buy a cork board and load it up with all your hopes and desires, places you want to visit, inspirational quotes, things you’ve always wanted to do. Finally make something all about you and relish in it!

Get Active-  Sometimes all we need to do is get moving to get us to get back on track. Whether it’s our health, work, to do lists, or just a hobby. Getting at least 15 minutes a day will get your endorphins going, blood pumping, and motivation rushing back. Hit the gym early in the morning before work, go for a run in the brisk winter air, or take a class in the early evening if you’re a night owl. Really don’t have the time? Traditional jumping jacks, push-ups , sit-ups , and jogging up the stairs will even do the trick.

Switch Up Your Routine- Most times all we need to do is switch up our stale and boring routine. Day in and Day out can become monotonous. Doing the same things over and over everyday can suck the inspiration and motivation completely out of us. So change it up for a week. Workout opposite of when you normally do, get up before the sunrises to get tasks done, or stay up late to complete projects. If you watch tv every night, read a book instead, if you go out a lot to eat, try staying home and cooking for the week. Try to do the opposite of what you’re used to and see after a week how you feel.

Believe In Yourself- Life can throw curve balls at us all the time. Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused when one thing happens after the next. Kids get sick, then you catch their nasty flu. The break you thought you had finally caught falls through, the roof all of a sudden needs fixing, and a belt goes up in the car the same week. Frustration can be a major set back. But believe in yourself and know that in time this will all pass and you have the capability, strength, inspiration, and desire to be everything you’ve ever wanted to, and you can accomplish everything you’ve ever set your mind too!

Tomorrow is a new day. A brand new slate, a start-over, and a new beginning. Make the most of it and grab back your motivation.

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