March 26, 2013 · 9:00 am


… with the sound of:


I am headed to Switzerland this weekend! We have Monday off for Easter break, so it seemed fitting to take a longer, relaxing trip. I have also been dying to go to Switzerland forever. And yes, I know that the Sound of Music takes place in Austria. It’s an alpine theme.

Geneva is actually a couple of hours away from the Alps by train, but right now we’re thinking we might take a picnic with us and spend the day in the mountains on Sunday. Otherwise, we are happy to spend the rest of our time in beautiful Geneva, since I have only heard amazing things. Our hostel seems to be pretty centrally located, so if anybody has any recommendations of things to see and do in particular, please let me know. Also, if you know of any Alpine towns or villages that would make a great day trip from Geneva, I’d love to hear!

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