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Kristy’s Summer Reading Guide

Posted Dec 11 2012 6:17pm

I love to read. I don’t always have the time but when I do it’s one of my favourite ways to chill out and disconnect. It always has been, ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved books. I hoard them too and can spend hours looking at them all lined up on my shelves and remembering the stories and characters. Good times.

I like books Image via Etsy

As we’re heading into the Christmas break and so many of us have holidays across summer I thought I’d share with you a few of my highlights from 2012 and the titles on my reading list for 2013.

Books I’ve read this year

- Michael Pollan “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” think deeply about where your food comes from. This one’s a bit heavy going, I read it on the beach in Fiji and that proved to be a good balance. Michael Pollan is one of my food heroes and a journalist who goes above and beyond to get right into the heart of a story. Here he investigates the US food system by following 4 meals from their sources right through to the table and discusses the issues and obstacles we as consumers face when choosing what to eat when we have so much to choose from.

- Tim Ferriss “4 Hour Workweek” prioritise and get your life back. Tim’s book has been around for a while and I was a late bloomer when it came to the 4 hr workweek phenomenon but I read it this year and felt so freed by it. It’ll make you feel like anything is possible and that’s what I love so much about Tim’s whole philosophy on life. It has a lots of practical content too for those looking for more than the 9 to 5.

- Chad Mureta “App Empire” get your summertime entrepreneur on. Chad’s story is amazing. He took himself from a hospital bed after a major car accident and $100K debt to building his own ‘App Empire’ and making millions. To begin with he didn’t know a thing (he was a real estate agent) and he’s not a techie, really inspiring for those of us fascinated by how these guys do it.

- Lola Berry “20/20 Diet” – quirky and life affirming weight loss. I don’t ever read diet books (any more) with the intention to subscribe to the author’s plan. However, I do occasionally read them (depending on who has written them and I tend to stick to trained professionals these days) to pick up hints, tips, tricks, recipes etc. This one’s a beauty, full of really helpful stuff, inspiration and some very interesting recipes.

On my list for 2013

- Leo Babauta “The Power of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential…in Business and in Life” - declutter after the festive excess. Leo is the creator of Zen Habits a great resource for those interested in finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. The book is more specifically about identifying the essential and eliminating the unnecessary freeing you from everyday clutter and allowing you to focus on accomplishing the goals that can change your life for the better.

- Victorian Farmer’s Market Association “2013 Little Brown Book”   - extra motivation for taking your dollar to local producers. This one isn’t so much a book for reading as a book for doing, it includes over $1,000 worth of farmers’ market discounts and offers that stretch across the seasons, connecting you with the producers of Victoria.

- Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn “Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide” turn your attention to the plight of others and think about how you can help. This one has been on my shelf for a while. I saw an episode of Oprah a couple of years back where the authors were interviewed about their work and I was brought to tears. I haven’t started reading yet because I’m a bit scared, I know some of the stories told will be really confronting. I’m hardening up though because I know hiding from the awful plight of some women in the world is even worse than ignoring it.

Caitlin Moran “How to Be a Woman” and “Moranthology”  - feminism for the modern gal. I love Caitlin Moran for her wit, humor and interesting opinions. We don’t agree on everything but I love her anyway. The first of these 2 came out some time ago but Caitlin’s been doing the rounds recently to promote the latter.  This interview  with Mia Freedman recently got me interested.

So flick the telly off, get comfy and spend some time with a good book. I promise you won’t regret it.


Let me know, what are your favourites from 2012 and what are you planning on reading in 2013.

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