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Kristin McGee DVD Giveaway!

Posted Mar 16 2013 2:28pm
I discovered Kristin McGee a couple of years ago when we still had ExerciseTV.  I fell in love with her teaching style for Pilates.  Later, she did a Yoga DVD with Bethanny Frankel that was on my cable's OnDemand service that I did over and over and just never got bored!  It is a great yoga DVD, and this is something for me, too, because "at home" DVDs often lose my interest, especially yoga ones.  Kristin has such a clear, energizing and encouraging manner - and she was really good at getting Bethanny back on track in their DVD- that you want to follow, you want to complete it and she keeps it fresh.

Looking for a new home yoga DVD, I found her new Strong Sexy Svelte DVD and ordered it from Amazon.  Before I received it I happened to throw my name into the pot of a giveaway from, and lo and behold, I received the DVD in the mail!  Ha, I never win anything!  I was thrilled - and even MORE thrilled when Kristin actually tweeted me!  (I think I might have a girl crush on her)  The beauty of this is that now I have a copy for you!! I will give you a little review here and then I hope you enter to win  . . . you won't be disappointed!

The total DVD length is 75 minutes, but is broken up into three 25 minutes segments and also contains an extra 5 minute cardio segment.   (This was my least favorite element and didn't feel as if it added anything to the DVD)

The first segment I tried was the STRONG segment.  It is a yoga with weights routine and is tough.  You can use any size weight - I used 5 and 8 pound dumbbells and it was no piece of cake.  She is very creative with adding weights to warrior and eagle poses and adds some great yoga burpees.  You know I loved those!  I have done this segment alone and felt like I got a great workout in only 25 minutes.

The next segment is the SEXY pilates core segment.  She does a great job of cueing proper form and keeping the abs engaged during the entire sequence.  It's not just pilates roll-ups and the 100.  She adds in some nice, creative moves that give the abs a workout.  This segment is not as intense or difficult so it's a nice addition after the Strong segment.  

The SVELTE segment is a great Vinyasa flow that keeps you going throughout full range of motions using strength and also stretching the muscles.  It has a pretty quick pace so you will feel as if you worked when you are done.  Again, I have not gotten bored with this yoga segment either. 

Kristin has a very upbeat and likeable style.  She has such great form and explanations that make it really easy to follow.  

This is a new favorite in my home DVD collection.  I'm already looking forward to a new DVD from her!

And, by the way, she's now a TV star!  Are you a 30Rock fan?  She was recently on an episode as a yoga instructor and bride. . . how fitting!

You can read an interview with her here  

LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW AS TO WHETHER YOU ARE A YOGA LOVER, NEVER TRIED YOGA OR HAVEN'T FOUND THE LOVE YET OR IF YOU HAVE ANY GIRL CRUSHES! (You can basically comment on anything appropriate as long as I know you are here and entering to win!)


Have a happy day!
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