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Korea Day 4

Posted Dec 06 2012 6:00am
So now that I've confessed that carbs, LOTS OF CARBS, were the only thing I could stomach while I was in Korea, I can now show you lucky folks pictures of the glorious carbs I consumed while in Korea.

If I wasn't making french toast for my family, or if my mom wasn't spoiling us with Korean food in the morning, the hunk and I could be found at the adorable bakery across the street from my parents home. I practically lived there during our vacation. But if I could actually, literally, live in this heavenly smelling bakery, I totally would. This place is AMAZING.

Normally I would admit that my eyes were bigger than my stomach, but in this case they weren't. You bet your sweet bottoms that I ate every single bit of awesomeness on that tray.

No regrets, either.

After we had finished stuffing our bellies with bread, the hunk and I hopped on the bus for a fun date sans baby at Coex Mall.

But of course we stopped at one of the many underground bakeries at the subway station so I could snap a million pics of all of the adorable treats.

I love that in spite of the number of bakeries located throughout Korea, every one of them is unique and the majority of the treats are individually decorated. Somehow that little fact makes everything taste better for me, haha.

I just had to show the hunk what Gangnam was about and I wanted to take him to the largest underground shopping mall in Asia, CoEx Mall .

Anyway, our first stop when we got there was the Hyundai Department Store since I wanted to try my first ever french macaroon.

I tried an almond raspberry macaroon and salted caramel truffle macaroon and I think it's safe to say that I almost kicked myself for waiting 26 years to try one for the first time. Those babies are definitely a party in the mouth!

We walked around the department store for a little longer staring in amazement at all of the stores, before making our way to the hunk's ultimate nerd heaven, the Nintendo store. He played a few games, then we made our way to our next stop, the MegaBox theater. 

I'm a HUGE fan of the MegaBox theater. First of all, this place is ginormous and gorgeously decorated. Next, there are assigned seats according to first come, first serve, so there is never any rush for seating. You can also drink beer at the theater, and the popcorn is out of this world phenomenal. I don't even like popcorn but I seriously died for the sweet soy garlic popcorn and the salty caramel popcorn they served.

And just for the crazies out there, obviously no beer was consumed on my part.

I also love that they show movies 3 weeks earlier than the states. We watched SkyFall before any of our friends and it was hilarious coming back home to the states and joking to ruin the ending before anyone saw the movie.

Of course we didn't spoil the movie though. I like to think we're good people.

After the movie ended (which is one of the best Bond films yet in my humble opinion), the hunk and I walked around the mall even more. In fact, we walked around for hours and still didn't walk past the same store twice.

I'm telling you, this place is a humongous shoppers paradise. But since all of that walking really worked up our appetite, we decided to make our way above ground to Dongdaemun Market so I can show the hunk the chaos of the market at night, and so we can get our fill of even more delicious street food.

Dongdaemun is another fun tourist spot because it's considered one of the largest outdoor shopping districts and late at night, a lot of vendors slash prices by a drastic amount. It gets pretty insane but it's so fun and rewarding finding gems like comfy, over sized sweaters for just under $8.00.

Only in Korea, folks ;)

Our final stop in Dongdaemun ended in a cozy outdoor cart restaurant. We dined on fancy Korean tatertot corn dogs, noodles and broth, and then we picked up fresh, roasted chestnuts from another street cart before we hopped on the bus back home.

So there you have it! Just another fun day in Korea filled with, oh you know, a few of my favorite things ;) Shopping, delicious food, street food, even more shopping, more delicious street food, and precious "mommy and daddy" time with my adorable hunk.

And now I want to go back already. Anyone want to take me back to Korea? Please?

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