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Korea Day 3

Posted Nov 15 2012 7:56am

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For Day three in Korea, we spent the day in Seoul again. We started out at this awesome restaurant called Suraon, which is where they have traditional Korean entertainment while we eat, just like they did in ancient times. It's a seven course meal but you can only choose from a limited selection of packages, which is fine with me. The food was plentiful and most importantly, delicious.

There was also a mini display of artifacts used during the King's days, which we found pretty interesting. A little history before stuffing your face is always a fun treat ;)

While we sat down and waited for our meal to start, we enjoyed the first traditional Korean dance. It was absolutely beautiful and none of us could take our eyes off the woman dancing.

Next, they had a show using traditional Korean instruments like the Gayageum, Sugonghu (horizontal harp), and Daegum (bamboo flute).

I don't know what the songs they played were called but I will say that the music was breathtakingly beautiful. It almost brought tears to my eyes...but then again, I'm a pretty big sap, haha.

They also had a traditional fan dance which has always been a favorite of my mom and I.

 It was amazing being able to experience traditional Korean history while we enjoyed our food. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of all 7 courses because I was busy being in awe of the shows, and too hungry to even think about snapping a picture of everything. But I promise you, the food was amazing. Each course just kept getting better and better.

All the way down to the dessert which was a poached persimmon, with sweet rose and jasmine water to dip the fruit in. So simple, yet so tasty. I LOVED it!

Even though we were pretty stuffed from our meal, I made sure the hunk had his first try of all of the amazing street food I've only been gushing about for years to him.

But of course, the hunk also had to have a little ice cream to balance everything out ;)

We spent hours exploring all of the fun shops in MyongDong and Dongdaemun, but when it started to get chilly and the sun started setting, we decided to make our way back to Osan.
By the time we got back, it was around 8pm and I was craving the famous Miss Lee burger.

Quick backstory on the Miss Lee burger: Miss Lee is a sweet old lady who used to sell burgers after hours in her street cart to drunk soldiers and students. I spent many nights with friends waiting in a long line just to get my hands on one of her infamous burgers. She is the pioneer of the spicy, crispy cabbage burgers with a greasy egg on top, and is the first to use a delicious secret sauce of mustard, ketchup, and something else ( I don't want to know). After her business started getting a lot of attention, other street carts popped up and tried to emulate her burgers. Another sweet old lady, Miss Jin, is the only other burger joint to be in close competition with Miss Lee. The two women have now had their street carts grow into full fledged business with their own little restaurants in the 'Ville and now there are Miss Lee loyalists and Miss Jin Loyalists who fight to this day about which is the better burger.

So now that you know the back story, I can proudly say I'm a Miss Lee fan. My brothers (Miss Jin fans) and I still have heated arguments about the better burger but I believe her burgers are thicker, greasier, cheesier, and the cabbage crispier. She also never skimps on the sauce. Plus, she's a friend of my mom ;)

Anyway, as if we weren't full enough from the most amazing burgers in the world, we made one last pit stop at another street cart so the husband can try some more street food.

If you can't tell, I am a huge fan of street food. Psh, American sanitation standards don't scare me ;)

Finally, we ended the night at a seedy sports bar so I can again force the husband to try something I grew up with. He had his first Soju slushie, which is a rice alcohol (almost like vodka) mixed with a juice like kool-aid and ice, and then turned into a fun slushie.

It's such a simple yet VERY EFFECTIVE drink if you know what I mean.

So effective that we promptly went to the next bar and got arrested.

Just kidding.

We ended up going home like two old people (which we are) to sleep like little babies. We had a long day ahead of us and needed our beauty sleep!

More on that later though!

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