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Know your heart better with these solutions - PART 2

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:01pm
Post details : Heart care tips, solution, common doubts and frequently asked questions related to heart problems and diseases.

This post is the continuation of the heart related frequently asked question and answers post. For this I have collected some more tips and solutions to help you clear your doubts.

Question 11: Mention some first aid (treatment) steps to be performed on a heart attack?
Answer        : The person must be kept in a sleeping position and aspirin tablet should be placed under his tongue (or sorbitrate tablet if available) and take him immediately to heart (coronary) care unit.

Question 12: Do complications occur due to intake of anti-hypertensive drugs?
Answer        : Yes, they do have some side effects but the modern drugs are very safe.

Question 13: Does the probability of getting heart diseases in asthma patients are more?
Answer        : No.

Question 14
: Does people taking high amounts of coffee/tea more prone to heart attacks?
Answer        : No.

Question 15: Are people working on day shifts are less prone to heart diseases when compared to night shift working people?
Answer         : No.
Question 16: What should be done in order to increase HDL – (high density lipoproteins) or good cholesterol in our body?
Answer        : 1) Physical activity must be increased
                      2) If you are over weight, you have to reduce it 
                      3)Quit smoking

Question 17: Can hypertension be reduced by eating more bananas?
Answer        : No.

Question 18: Does people having diabetes are more vulnerable to heart problems?
Answer        : Yes because heart problems have strong relationship with blood sugar

Question 19: What should a person do when he get heart attack and is there any method to help himself?
Answer         : First you have to lie down with ease with full comfort and later and keep aspirin tablet under your tongue and immediately call a person to take you to the heart care unit without any delay in time.

Question 20: Does cholesterol start accumulating from an early age or only after 30 years?
Answer        : No, it starts right from childhood

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