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Know About The Reasons And Warning Signs Of Hypertension

Posted Jun 04 2010 8:10am

< p>Increase in the blood pressure levels in the body is perceived as hypertension or hypertension. When the heart pumps the blood into the body at an abnormal rate, it causes strain on the walls of arteries. Going by the medical definition, blood pressure levels that exceed 140/90mmHg is categorized as hypertension. There are a few medical and non medical factors that attribute to hypertension.

Among the medical factors, several kidney sicknesses, for example glomerulonephritis, renal artery stenosis, prolonged pyelonephritis, endemic sclerosis and diabetic nephropathy result in high blood pressure . Many endocrine diseases, including conn’s syndrome, phaeochromocytoma, cushing’s syndrome and acromegaly might also cause high blood pressure. Additionally, certain cardiovascular diseases, such as coarctation of the aorta result in hypertension.

Blood pressure also increases atypically by the intake of certain categories of medicines, such as glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, tyramine and sympathomimetic agents.

Inadequate diet is one of the factors that contribute to hypertension. Diets which include a high level of sodium and potassium ration may really be in charge of upping blood pressure. Over the top intake of carbohydrates and stout can also lead to the problem. If you’re consuming high levels of metal like cadmium and lead, you may be further prone to the condition.

Extreme levels of may also induce high blood pressure. People who smoke in particular find themselves more at risk of suffering from the condition as nicotine may further worsen the issue by triggering adrenaline glands. Alcohol and over the top physical activity may also result in the rise of blood pressure .

Symptoms of elevated blood pressure
There are several factors that indicate the presence of high blood pressure problems. Nose bleeding for no reason at all can indicate raised blood pressure. If you experience nose bleeding on a consistent basis, then you may be afflicted with hypertension.

If you experience frequent ringing of the ears or tinnitus, it might also indicate hypertension. It is imperative to get a blood pressure check done in such cases.

Vision issues are another symptom of hypertension. Folk with high blood pressure also suffer from frequent headaches. Frequent tension headaches could be a warning signal.

Other signs of raised blood pressure include palpitations and giddiness. Nervousness- a common symptom of hypertension may also cause raised blood pressure. Other signs include breathing problems, bloody urination and chest pain.

therefore , if you notice, any of these signs of blood pressure or hypertension, you must straight away get in touch with your doctor for appropriate treatment. The right treatment within a legit period of time may seriously lower chances of further distress of the condition.

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