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kney & hip joint pain

Posted by IMRAN KHAN

i am 46 years.i have kney discomfort when use stairs since 15 month before.

i checked to doctor he sugest MRI test. Test was perfectly allright.he gave me some pain killer and was temporary treatment and problem is is increasing when i spend more time on indian it is fealing in hip joint also.

kindly sugest treatment.


Imran Khan.     

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It sounds, like you have a spreading arthritis – an inflammation of the joints. The best thing you can do is trying to neutralize the agents that worsen the inflammation – acids, acidic foods – tomatoes, the "night shade" plants and take "yucca" pills (in health store). Yucca is a plant full of "saponins" (alkaloids) that neutralize acids. Acids eat away at the cartilage covering the bones in joints for smooth, painless movement. Don't stop moving, but do not move too much either. There are gentle excercises for arthritis. Educate yourself and be your own doctor. Ultimately  you will have to have your knee/hip replaced, or in 5-10 years, it will be possible to grow new cartilage in your knee – the best solution. In the meantime, be kind to your body and help it. The pain is there to warn you that something is wrong with the body; so concentrate to solve that problem, not just to kill the alarm sound.
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