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Kitten Change

Posted Sep 25 2011 10:30am

Hi everyone! I have some news to share with you today.

CJ is no longer my kitten :( . I’ve alluded to some of the challenges that I have had with him ever since I got him several weeks ago. This past Thursday I finally decided that it just wasn’t going to work- as much as I really wanted it to and as much as it was going to break my heart to give him back.

Thursday was a very tearful day for me. I had been having doubts about CJ pretty much since I brought him home. He never came out from under the bed unless it was to eat, use the litter box, or unless I grabbed him. He would often hiss at me if I tried to look at him under the bed and he would back away from me. Sometimes he did let me pet him and he loved it, but I had to lay on my floor and reach under the bed in order to do that. Every noise that CJ heard scared him and sent him cowering. It really and truly made me so sad.

As much as I wanted things to work with CJ, he was just not the type of cat that I desired to have- especially if things didn’t get all that much better and he was forever hiding from me. Perhaps I could have given him longer to adjust and maybe he eventually would have gotten better, but I decided that I didn’t want to take that chance and realize too late (after I was way too attached to him). I talked with the adoption coordinators and they agreed that it didn’t seem like the best fit.

The great thing about this adoption agency is that all of the animals are placed in foster homes- they are never in a shelter of sorts. They decided that CJ would probably do best with other kittens and they will be trying to adopt him out with another one so that he has a companion.

My friends, Chris, and parents can tell you that Thursday was a very upsetting day for me. I was crying because I knew this was the right decision but it made me so incredibly sad to know that CJ would no longer be mine. However, knowing that this was probably best for both of us in the long run, and knowing that he would get great care in a foster home and they would do their best in finding him a satisfying home really gave me comfort.

Yesterday, I delivered CJ to his new foster home and there are around 12 other kittens there for him to socialize with. The foster mom has already told me that she plans on working with him (I have no idea how) to hopefully help him become less skittish. I was able to get a new kitten yesterday- one that is more comfortable around people, doesn’t hide under the bed, and is super curious about her new environment. It’s already been a night and day difference than what I experienced when I brought CJ home.

I’ve decided to name her Zoey. She has the sweetest little personality. She even slept with me all night last night!

I’m really looking forward to my new adventure with Zoey :) .

Yes, I’m still sad about giving CJ back but on Thursday it just hit me that he was still hiding under the bed and was scared of everything even after 3 weeks. I tried to hold him that day and show him the window and he scratched me so he could run away and then hissed at me. Realistically I just knew that I didn’t want a cat for x number of years that was always scared of me and everything else. I also know that he would be better off in a home that has a more patient person to work with him and perhaps other kittens he could play with.

Zoey is the type of kitten/cat that I was looking for. She’s playful, loving, curious, willing to be social with people and other cats, and she isn’t timid.

I hope you all understand my decision! And, now that I have a kitten who is constantly out in the open, you can be prepared to be shown lots of pictures :D .

Hope you have a great Sunday!



Have you ever had to make a really hard decision that made you sad, but you knew it was right? What was it?

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