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kissing the new year in…

Posted Jan 02 2012 8:20pm

**Bonus points for anyone who knows where yesterday and today’s blog titles come from!**

Last year I made some “goals” I guess you’d say. I never blogged about my intention for the year, because I guess I felt it was private, but I think my decision was a great one. So good, in fact, that it’s my “resolution” this year too.

(I don’t like thinking of it as a resolution… cause I think resolutions are so rarely kept, but “intention” is a concept I can definitely get behind.)


Taking action.


That was my heart last year.


Of course, there is the literal concept of taking action physically, hopefully spurring more laps, more squats, more crunches and the like. But I wanted to turn “Action” into my life’s motto.

I, dear friends, am a lazy, lazy, lazy girl.


Daron can testify, I am seriously a lump. I can lay around for DAYS. I can spend the whole of spring break laying on the couch for 10-12 hours a day, surfing, watching tv, or reading. The need to be physically active isn’t something that I naturally crave. I almost NEVER get cabin fever. Honestly, I just don’t.


So last year, I decided that I’d look for opportunities to fight off passivity, and take action.

This meant:

-Moving my body more

-Going to auditions, even when I was horribly scared

-Keeping on top of my share of the housework

-Getting up and offering to take care of any business that needs taking care of

-Not putting off tasks that can be completed now

-Saying “Yes” to opportunities to do new things


That mentality really served me last year. Of course, it wasn’t as present in the forefront of my mind by November… and when I was in pain following surgery, I certainly wasn’t taking much action… But on the whole, it was an excellent theme.


So, this year, I want to continue it. I want to continue being someone who ACTS.

not hesitates.

not vascilates.

not fluctuates.

not procrastinates.

but acts.

I hope that my life isn’t something I observe, but is, instead, something I create.

I want to look back at my life experiences with awe and excitement, knowing that I did my part, and put myself in the best position possible to get the most out of life. I don’t think everything is in my control, but I want to know that I’ve been a participant in my own existence.


I hope you all have incredible kick off for 2012.


I’d love to know any tips, advice, or ideas you have that will help me reach my goal of taking more ACTION! :)

Oh! And did anyone figure out the title references? :D

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