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Kicking Tires & Laughs

Posted Sep 05 2011 7:47pm

I swear it’s Murphy’s Law.   The weather turns to crap on holidays.

Do the Weather Gods know that it’s a holiday and everyone wants to be outside so they decide to just rain on everyone’s parade?  Literally.

Because we can have 364 days of endless sunshine here in San Diego…

And then a holiday comes and it’s dreary, overcast, windy, and drizzling.

Can’t go to the beaches.  Actually didn’t want to .

Didn’t want to drive to the actual mallInsanity, I’m sure.

So Skylar and I walked around our neighborhood

Just kind of kicking tires and seeing what we saw.  No big agenda.

We went into a vintage-meets-punk-meets-new-meets-recycled store

Lots of feathers

All synthetic.  Don’t get your undies in a feathery wad.

I told you feathers are the rage here

Skylar tried on a feather barrette

An Owl necklace caught my eye.  Along with a million other things.

We carried on to Urban Outfitters

The last item I purchased from U.O. were some jeggingsBlast from the past.  Can’t believe it’s been over a year!

I drooled over the new fall merchandise

And the knick-knacks that I never knew I “wanted” until I saw them

Oh the fun I could have

More feathers!

And then I spotted this knit owl phone cover

I already am rocking the white iphone case that I love..

..But this owl is so cute!

Owls are all the rage lately, too:

Anthropologie Owls I saw

West Elm Owls I saw

It’s Owl Mania!  Makes Janetha happy, I’m sure.  Our resident Owl Queen.

While I was looking at owls and knick-knacks, Skylar found this Sound Machine

It makes 10 different sounds from toilet flushing to burping to farting sounds.  Classy.

Oh, the simple pleasures.  From ages 4 to 84, certain sounds always make people laugh

So it was a rainy day, but we just kicked tires, as my mom used to say.

Didn’t spend any money.

Did the just browsing & talking myself out of it thingBonus for my wallet.

And we had some Bonding TimeBigger Bonus.

And then we bonded over Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies


1. Do you have any favorites activities you do to just pass an hour or two?  Favorite tire kicking things to do?

Normally I am extremely busy and really don’t have time to just “kick tires” too much these days.

It’s all about trying to fit in work, other projects I’m working on, photography , cooking, blogging, working out , or just life and parenting.  Not enough hours in the day to usually get it all done!

But it’s a holiday.  I downshifted gears and am glad I kicked a few tires with my Pumpkin.

After all, one day I sooner than I know, I will be deemed uncool and it will be heresy to be seen with your mom out in public.  I hope that never happens but junior high and hormones do a number on us all.

2. What was the last thing that you got a great big belly laugh from?

Just listening to Skylar laugh hysterically gets me laughing.

The giggles and laughter are most definitely contagious !

I hope everyone had a nice holiday and if you’re not celebrating the holiday, hopefully Monday was a good day.

P.S. Winner announced on the next post for the No More Pests Giveaway

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