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Kick Away the Orb of Hassle – De-stress Yourself

Posted Oct 11 2010 1:23am

There are so many things to worry about in one’s life – family, work, relationships, society, finance, health, emotion, past, present, future, just so much to do. Most of the times one feels so stressed out that nothing more than rest matters. Truly speaking, the same crisis inspired me to write on this topic. While hunting some help for myself, I came across these few things that I would like to share. Take a deep breath before you walk into the world of stress busters, below.

Anger brings stress

Anger and annoyance is a form of stress. Whenever a person gets angry, he kills some major number of neurons cells of his brain. This definitely induces stress on the remaining cells. Bust your stress by busting anger. Practice the LET GO policy. Whenever something occurs which causes you to get angry, just let it go man! It is not sensible to waste time, energy and cells on something unworthy. Try the anger- management decrees; they prove effective in improving stressful conditions.

Ways to get rid of stressBreathe out the tension

Breathing exercises can help bust the stress and release the tension in mind and body. Just inhale and exhale a few numbers of times, slowly and deeply. Apart from regular breathing exercises, one can try out deep breaths, 4 in 4 out, in a stressful situation like before an exam or interview begins. Remember, the inhaling must be slow as 3- 4 seconds for one breath and the exhaling must be even slower, say 5- 6 seconds per breath. When a person is stressed and anxious, he tends to speak fast, which causes loss of breath for his body. This is harmful for the brain cells, leading to further mishaps. Practices of deep breathing helps slowing down the speed of communication and thus, calms the situation a bit.

Be Responsible

Sometimes stress is due to someone nagging you for not fulfilling a responsibility. Just finish it and chuck it away. That one thing is not worth the big loss you are planning for yourself by stressing out. For example, returning a phone call, an appointment with the doctor, some immediate task one expect you to do at office or home, etc. – these are the little things that come in the form of big stress causes.

Stress relief tipsTake -a- break

Go out for an outing, and by that I don’t mean a long trip or holiday. Just take a little walk in the park with your grandparents, parents, loved one or friends – whomever you feel comfortable with. Somehow, take a break from your stressful work.

Self care

Some people feel comfortable in their own company – like me. Give time for yourself to yourself – that’s fair enough. Rejuvenate yourself with some activity you love to have hands on. Go shopping. Watch sports. Play a sport. Go for a movie. Laugh your heart out with comedy stuff on TV. Cook your favorite delicacy. Go for a stroll by the beach lost in your pleasant thoughts. Craft some designs if you are good at drawing. Please yourself.

Drink water for stressWater is the best medicine

Drink lots of water. That’ll help you cool down. And it is a fact. Water really cools down the insides of your body and brain. Stress is often a result of dehydration and hunger. So, drink water and eat nutritious snacks when at work to prevent stress from mounting over and hindering your important tasks.

Washing the stress away

When ever you feel stressful or tired mentally, go and take a bath with cold or warm water; that depends on the climatic conditions and your physical health. Stress is also experienced due to physical fatigue and the heat accumulated on the body surface. Wash it away by the peaceful bathing, with variations at your choice – like Jacuzzis and hot spring baths.

Reward yourself

Demotivations and discouragements are good enough reasons for a stressful mood. Plan something rewarding for yourself, at the end of the day. How does it matter if someone else appreciates your work, abilities and qualities or not? Do it for yourself. You are the best person to judge you. If you think your day’s work was efficient enough, reward yourself with an extra- ordinary meal or some relaxing drink or a prize, whatever makes you happy. That is all that matters.

End note

These were some of the inexpensive ways to bust your stress away, and trust me the author has self- tried it. Well, that’s me. Along with these practices, eating healthy and sufficient, sleeping well and enough, and a cut down in the levels of caffeine you consume will help you kick the demon, named stress away from your schedule.

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