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Keys to Conflict Resolution

Posted Sep 22 2008 5:37pm
People focused on conflict resolution have the courage to face issues head on, but do so carefully. There exists underlying goodwill-an attitude of wanting to invest in the good of the relationship, careing for the other person and seeking understanding and reconciliation- more than a defensive spirit that needs to get its own way. Keys to effective conflict resolution include the following:

  • finding the appropriate time; waiting for or even scheduling a time when there won't be distractions

  • focusing on areas where there is already agreement

  • assuming the best intentions from the other person in what is said and what they want for the relationship

  • managing negative emotions

  • practicing good communication skills

  • committing to a positive outcome for both

  • desiring to reconnect more than to "win" with a postrure that says "I can agree to disagree even if we don't come to see eye to eye"

  • deciding to forgive and move on if the best attempts at reconciliation fail

How are you at conflict management? Can you think of issues at your work or in your personal life right now that are unresolved? What will you do about them?

For a more detailed look at conflict check out The Healthy CEO- chapter 4!available on my website under Purchase!

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