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Posted Jan 06 2011 2:46pm

I honestly just stayed away from them forever because of my shoulder, but little did I know that the kettlebell swing can be an AWESOME cardio workout and it is now my favorite one...running, what?

No, I just really hate running on a treadmill, so when it's nice out again and I can run outside, I will. For now it's kettlebell swing intervals in my front room while watching some of my favorite Dvr'd shows.

Normally when doing cardio I really want my music, but kettlebell swinging I'd much rather watch tv and for that reason I decided to invest in a Gymboss .



Now, I did have the Gymboss App on my itouch, but it doesn't give you how much time you have left in your workout and that really annoyed me. After using the actual device, I am in love!

It is super easy to setup and use and once you clip it on your pants and push start, you never even have to look at it again, just follow the beeps and the best part is, it is LOUD. Another thing I didn't like about the itouch app was it wasn't loud enough. I need to be able to hear the beep if I got music on or my tv.

You can set the intervals for whatever you want and even 2 different ones and for however long you want AND, it tells you at a glance how many intervals you have left so you know when your about that! That's all it does. It doesn't track distance or calories burned or anything. It just does intervals and does them well.

We all know intervals burn more fat so I highly recommend this little gadget to make things easier and plus they had pink. :)

Now that I really love this whole kettlebell swinging thing, I have quickly realized that a 10lb one is way to light. I seriously need the 26lb one or higher. The problem is the price. While my little 10lb one was only $18.00, they want $90.00 for the 26lb one at the local Dick's(so many jokes). You can get them cheaper online, but then you got shipping costs for something that heavy. So while I do plan to get a heavier one it'll just have to wait a bit. I got lot's of co-pays this month, one for my iron check, one for my Derm, and one for my dentist(to fix a filling), AND an awesome $50.00 fee for a mandatory parenting class(divorce requirement)...don't even get me started on that last crock of bullshit.

I did get 2 of the 10lb ones so I'll just hold them together for awhile to make 20lbs. :)

I am currently reading The Four Hour Body and it is really good! That's not where I first learned about the kettlebell swing though, although the woman I first learned it from is totally in the book and she rocks...


Tracy Reifkind's Transforming Thought, Body and Food


Her blog is awesome and her transformation is amazing!! Definitely check her out and I can wait to order her 2 Dvd set on kettlebell swing progressions. So much to buy and so little money...story of my life.

In the meantime a friend of mine sent me a sweet 21 day kettlebell program which I am currently doing...and of course still kicking ass at Bob's.

I was going to do a New Year's post, but I'm pretty sure you've all already seen the picts on Facebook so I won't be redundant except to say it was super fun having a reason to get all dressed up, it had been awhile that's for sure.



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