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Keeping a food diary

Posted Jul 01 2010 12:00am

Your body is telling you something.

  • Do you feel tired after you eat pasta?
  • Do you get seasonal allergies?
  • Do you suffer from stinky farts? I’m being serious!

I discovered food diaries about five years ago, when I was trying to see what I was actually eating on a daily basis. Until you start writing things down you don’t really know what you are eating.

Food Diary

Food Diary

Nowadays, I keep a food diary to monitor my allergic reactions to food and effects foods have on my stomach. Over two months of keeping my food diary I have learned that red wine and yogurt activate my allergies and that cheddar cheese, carbonated drinks and red peppers give me a stomach reflux.

Here are some tips about keeping a food diary:

1. Buy a small book that you can keep in your handbag (if it dates in it already even better)
2. Pick two times of the day to update your diary
3. Note what you eat, no need to be over specific but if you are testing different brands of foods do mention them
4. Note moods, feelings, bloating, fatigue. Basically how is your body reacting to this food
5. Note any other reasons you might be feeling this way. IE. maybe you didn’t sleep well or you had a deadline
6. Add exercise that you do as well.

Food diaries are not just for females. Males can do the same thing, in fact body builders have used this technique for many years to monitor body muscle, food intake and increase in weights being lifted and reps.

So off you go. It’s not a diet, it doesn’t cost much and it’s definitely a great way to learn more about yourself and what you body likes. Buy an inspirational diary and get started.

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