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Keep Your Blood Pressure in Check

Posted Dec 28 2012 1:05am
Blood pressure is an important aspect of our body system and in today’s stressful life that one lives it is always recommended that you have it checked regularly and keep it under control.  Blood pressure should not be allowed to rise beyond a certain degree.  The blood pressure is related to heart function so one has to keep it under control to prevent heart diseases.  Hypertension is a very bad heart disease.  It almost takes one’s life.  The blood pressure goes out of control due to various factors like lack of exercise, stress, obesity, habits such as consumption of alcohol, smoking.  Blood pressure is a unit to measure the blood flow pressure in our arteries.  A normal blood pressure which should run in our body is around 120/80 – 130/85-90 measured in millimeters of mercury on the device using a Keep Your Blood Pressure in Checkcuff.  If it increases above this, then it is called as hypertension and is not a good sign at all.  Hypertension, simply means more tension or stress on the flow.  When a person is under tension or some sort of stress, it directly affects the blood pressure.   The main factors that influence blood pressure normalcy are diet, sound sleep, activity, lifestyle.  You should have a balanced diet, which should not be high in fat or cholesterol but should be high in fiber and minerals.  A sound sleep of 7-8 hours is very essential to refresh your body system for proper functioning.  Control your habits.  It is natural for a person in stress to get habits like alcohol, smoking, etc but try to avoid or limit these things.  The classification of blood pressure by American Heart Association for adults is as follows (in mmHg):  Normal systolic is 120-139 and diastolic 80-89.  A mild degree of high blood pressure (mild hypertension), systolic 140-149, diastolic 90-99.  Severely high (severe hypertension) , systolic 160-179, diastolic 100-110.  Above these levels it becomes hypertensive crisis and you may be advised to seek medical attention.  Thus, blood pressure control is very important for you.  Just try and live a healthy lifestyle with proper exercise, healthy diet and adopt natural ways of minimizing stress on your body with exercise and yoga. These changes will not only be beneficial for blood pressure but will also keep other maladies at bay.

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