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Kate Moss' Skinny Motto: Revealing and Sad

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:04pm
Having been interviewed by a number of journalists in my lifetime I truly know how easy it is to get tongue tied, go blank, come across like a complete goose and completely say the wrong thing.  It's pretty easy to do when you are being faced with rapid fire questions and trying to keep your cool and sound intelligent.

I wonder how Kate Moss might be feeling at the moment after being quoted as saying this in a interview for Women's Wear Daily - "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."  

Oh. Dear. Kate.

Is it just me or is that not really such a wonderful personal motto as you claim it to be, especially considering you have a young, impressionable daughter.  Could you have possibly been caught out saying something you didn't really mean or are you serious? Unless she comes out and says something in her defense I guess we will never know if Kate is serious, has been caught out with her tongue tied, or had her words manipulated.  Having made a great deal of money and become very famous based on her waifish body shape, it is likely, from this bloggers perspective at least, to at least have some ring of truth to it.

What I hope comes out as a result of this is that any young girl or woman who looks up to Kate and admires her body shape, now realises with this comment that any thought they may have had that Kate's very thin body is completely natural - is highly likely not to be true.  By living by and believing in such a personal mantra, Kate makes it clear she values maintaining her thinness above eating.  My strong feeling is that she has likely been on some form of restrictive diet her whole professional life and has endured periods of fasting and extreme food restriction.  Having started her modelling career aged 14 and now being 35 - that's a very long time to have been restricting your food intake.  The thought of it actually makes me very sad. UK based eating disorder advocates have been outraged.

Kate herself, with this comment, should surely give us a timely reminder that being thin, is not a penultimate state that we all should aspire to achieve by restricting food and placing our physical and psychological health in jeopardy.  Food is, in fact, one of the great joys of life and provides our body the nurturing fuel we need to live our lives to the fullest.

Now if I could just find Kate's email adress and a tub of rocky road icecream, I'd gladly invite her over to explain in person. 

Photographer:Katelyn Fay
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