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Kale Quota

Posted Mar 07 2012 10:12pm


Breakfast: Blood orange, coffee + almond milk, protein oats (vanilla whey protein, almond milk, oats). I’m generally not a big oatmeal person, but I’ve been back into it lately. Oh, and according to the FXB nutrition plan, I’m not supposed to be drinking regular coffee, so let’s just pretend that’s decaf.

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It was absolutely gorgeous outside today, so that meant another lunch break trip to the dog park for Maddypants. He ran and ran and ran. That dog sure loves to be chased. He rarely pants, even after running around, but today he was – that tells you how warm it was outside!


photo (41)


Lunch: Almost the same as last night’s dinner. Portabella mushrooms, green beans, Brussels’ sprouts, and Upton’s Naturals Italian Seitan on a bed of romaine and kale. Topped with a mixture of Trader Joe’s Sweet & Hot Mustard and light cream cheese. I saw the idea at Trader Joe’s and made it over the weekend to dip pretzels into – it’s awesome!


Afternoon snack: Roasted seaweed and light string cheese.


I was busy with work up until I left for the gym tonight, so I didn’t get a chance to eat a 4th meal. Instead, I crammed a handful of crackers in my mouth on my way to the garage.

After my workout (it was a lower body day), I stopped at Whole Foods and had dinner. Ryan had class tonight, so I was flying solo. I also picked up a couple of Think Thin bars to keep on hand. I love the peanut butter flavor! Would’ve been nice to have this afternoon instead of the crackers.

Dinner: A couple of different kale salads (the kale/avocado one is awesome!), carrots, vegan detox salad, tofu, and pineapple. Can never go wrong with WF salad bar.


And now I’m just hanging out at Starbucks. I’m picking Ryan up from class soon and didn’t feel like driving all the way home just to turn around and head back out.

Favorite protein bar? I’ve been making my own (still tweaking the recipe a bit!), but I still want to have something I can grab in a pinch or on the run. So far, Think Thin bars are my fav.

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