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Just like your cell phone is more than just for phone calls, immune health is much more than just cold and flu.

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:01pm
smart immune system

Your 21st Century immune system

The next-gen iPhone. The new Droid. The technology continues to bedazzle. We all know how the cell phone has evolved. First it was a clunky box you installed in the trunk of your car, wired to a hand set holstered in your center console. You could only use the phone to make and receive phone calls. Period. Now, many people use their mobile phones more than they use their laptop or desktop (do they still make those??) computers. And making phone calls may rank third or fourth in function usage.

This cell phone evolution might be analogous to the immune system. Much like the cellular transmission technology that is the heart of numerous mobile information features,  the immune “operating system” can be the fulcrum for many health experiences and conditions beyond the conventional cold and flu cycles. While the immune “technology” hasn’t changed per say, our understanding of the technology and how how to “deploy” it has change  markedly over the years

Take obesity, for example. We are now understanding how immune health can be hindered by obesity.  Anyone involved in obesity or body fat reduction can now presume that any improvement in BMI and weight may likely improve immune function as well.

Heart health is another immune connection. Research is now showing atherosclerosis may be influenced by immune response and its role in arterial inflammation rather than just build up of plaque in arteries.  And diabetes connects directly with immune function. Out-of-balance immune response may lead to immune cells attacking insulin producing cells in the pancreas.

And these are just a few examples. The entire field of stress and the immune system is almost another world unto itself.  Just as smart phone application builders are transforming the core of mobile technology, health science is transforming how we manage and enhance the core of our bio-engine:  the immune system.

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