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Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming...

Posted May 31 2009 12:00am
I had an amazing weekend and the only reason I'm not completely depressed (still semi-depressed) that it's over is that I'm hoping this is the only the beginning of fabulous summer weekends ahead and Ash is coming back in a month for Katie's bachelorette party! We are so lucky she is such a willing . 
We started off the weekend with a trip to the North End (Italian section of Boston) for a yummy dinner at Trattoria Il Panino, a wonderful restaurant I went to a few weeks ago with Eric, Tiff and Ronnie. I ordered the same thing I got last time so I didn't bother taking a picture (I know, I'm a horrible food blogger, I'm not going to pretend otherwise). I did take a beautiful picture of us though...

On Saturday my biking dream came true! I had a !!!! Ever since I started triathlon training and began biking I have been complaining to everyone who will listen about how bored I get biking without a buddy. Many people have suggested headphones so I have started putting one headphone in one ear and leaving the other one open to hear people passing me etc (don't worry I don't bike on the road with headphones on). That has helped a little but not as much as having a biking buddy! Ash borrowed Caroline's bike and we took off on the Minuteman Bikeway all the way to Bedford. It ended up being about a 12 mile bike ride, which may not sound like much but it was more than I had done without a buddy so I credit Ash. It was far more entertaining to be able to catch up with Ash than just stare at other bikers passing me :) We did get a bit with mud (that's what happens when it rains for 3 days straight before you go bike riding) but other than that it was a very successful trip. It is my secret dream (and by secret I mean I'll tell everyone!) that Ash will match in Boston so we can be biking buddies every weekend. Well that and I can hang out with her anytime I want!

After our fabulous bike ride (during which my knee did not hurt one bit, yay!), we decided to refuel at a great lunch place called Fresh City . This place has great sandwiches, stir fry, salads and smoothies but the absolute number 1 reason to go to this place would be their *free* . 

I once tried to buy Stacy's cinnamon pitas (and I love Stacy's plain pita chips) thinking they would be like these, but nope, these cannot be beat! 

Today we had brunch in Boston with Katie and Gerry :) We went to Tremont 647  for the Pajama brunch (but no we didn't wear pajamas). I just got a bagel because I didn't know what my stomach would really like, but next time I am going to risk it on the french toast that Katie got, it was sooo delicious! 

I really need to make an effort to try out new restaurants in Boston more often, particularly in the beautiful South End. 
After all the fun was over I had to come home and attempt to write my end of the year report cards for my students. Of course I decided to instead and I went for a quick run (ended up hurting my knee so I stopped very quickly) and then went to look at road bikes. I test rode a really nice one and there were some things I LOVED about it (light weight, much easier to ride). However, it was so weird to be so hunched over, I felt like I could barely reach the brakes. Plus my arms were killing me after a less than a mile test ride. 
I'm so scared to make this extremely large and then decide I hate being hunched over and I want my upright mountain bike back!

Finally, I made a delicious dinner tonight but this post is already wayyy too long so I will post it tomorrow night...something to look forward to. 

I'm trying to double my number of followers during this giveaway and I am 13 followers away from reaching that goal so if you are thinking about following, please do! 

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