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Just Keep Running

Posted Dec 03 2012 4:50pm

I have about 65% of my Christmas shopping done, decorations up, Christmas dinner menu ideas bookmarked, and loads of Chex mix made. It’s still hard to wrap my brain around it already being Christmas time, but I’m going to take that as an excuse to make cookies and drink egg nog.

Over Thanksgiving I tried egg nog made with coconut milk and it wasn’t bad, but I’m very traditional when it comes to holiday food. I figure if it’s once a year, go with the real stuff! It’s on my grocery list and I plan on having a huge glass for with dinner;) Another favorite beverage I have this time of year is peppermint mocha coffee. I usually get them sugar free so I’m not bouncing off the wall so I thought trying a tea version might be similar.

It’s not.  I wasn’t 100% disappointed because the flavor was nice, but it’s not the same even with a touch of almond milk. I’ve tried flavored teas but more and more I realize I’m a plain Jane and like chamomile and green tea just fine. No fancy pants teas for me.

Just Keep Running

Besides shopping, laundry, making Chex mix, decorating and having dinner with friends I ran a 10k. It wasn’t part of an organized race, but more of me running on my own and challenging myself to keep running. Part of my motivation was the fact that there was an actual 10k this past weekend but registration was closed by the time I wanted to sign up so I decided to complete my own. I wouldn’t get a shirt or any swag, but I would have a great run under my belt and that was(surprisingly) enough for me.

When I got started I didn’t have a route mapped out but knew my normal route was roughly around 3.5 miles so I just went that direction and kept running. It was such a nice run and gorgeous weather that time seemed to fly by. It was also a solo run so Harper wasn’t there stopping me to smell everything. I got in a running zone and only went at a speed that felt comfortable to me. It was a nice feeling to not feel pressured to run a certain distance and just keep running as far and as fast as I wanted.

I finished up a little over 6 miles and felt great. Normally I would have been out of breath and ready to pass out, but this time around was different because I was relaxed with my goal. I’m going to keep this up and take more challenging solo runs to get my mileage up, but I just need to tell myself to keep running and not set an exact goal just have fun and run. There was no need to rush and I felt so accomplished when I was done.

Of course accomplished also gives me a reason to relax and be a total bum for the remainder of the day and that’s exactly what I did.

With the company of one of my fuzzy friends:)

Do you set mileage goals for yourself before runs or just go?

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