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Just 30 Minutes = Lifelong Impact

Posted Feb 08 2012 1:55pm

A coworker and friend of mine recently shared the video below with me and I loved it so much I wanted to share it on CWYMO.  The drawings are very entertaining, but more importantly the message is superb.  Being a soon-to-be RD and Healthy Educator, I spend at least 80-90% of my days talking, thinking, teaching, or writing about nutrition in some form or another.  However, it is also important to step back and look at physical fitness, so I want to shift focus on this weeks blog post.

The video below is created and narrated by Dr. Mike Evans; its message  is captivating, and focuses in on how we prioritize our time.  I often catch myself saying I don’t “have time” to workout or even walk my dogs, yet I have time to Facebook, Twitter and watch the same Real Housewives rerun for the third time when I crash at the end of the day?  This video has re-inspired me to think a little harder before making those decisions and making fitness a priority in my day.

Simply taking 10 minutes three times a day to do something good for you body can have a lifelong impact on your health.  I encourage you to watch this video, become inspired, and decide what the message “23 1/2″ hours means for you.  Challenge yourself to try something new; if you’re just starting out maybe walk in the morning or if you’re currently very active take a class that you’ve been wanting to take.  Your body and mind will be singing your praises.

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