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Jumping Jack Squats

Posted Sep 28 2010 11:00pm

I woke up this morning and I could not move.

Yes I could.

But it hurt to move. And it’s nearly impossible to sit or stand without whimpering, “Ouch!”

I blame two things for my aching lower body: That glorious spinning class I told you about yesterday and (the three sets of six) jumping Bulgarian split squats that made an appearance back in my training program this week.

I’ll have one of my Precision Nutrition coaches, Krista Schaus, demonstrate this move since I cannot (but who’s complaining?)…

So basically this is just a back leg elevated jumping lunge. JUST a back leg elevated jumping lunge you say?! HA!

A few disclaimers:

  • Don’t try this move if you have bad knees, backs, joints, or other bad parts.
  • Don’t try this move if you enjoy sitting, standing, or walking the next day.

Consider yourself warned.

Now I really must go take some Advil and do nothing but a giant set of diddly squat today!

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