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July Recap and August Goals...

Posted Aug 02 2012 12:54am
Okay, so I've been enjoying keeping better track of my monthly goals but on the same hand I find myself feeling kinda bad that every month it seems there are so many goals I didn't meet!  Oops.  Maybe I'm setting them too high, maybe I'm not trying hard enough.  Who knows.  Let's see how I did this time around...

July's Goals:

1.  Run 100km - I actually ran 112km this month so says Dailymile.  Yahoo!  I did it!  It's about time...

2.  Continue healing my hip flexor and quad - I was leary to jump into training too quickly but was pleasantly surprised that my leg held out great (just a few little pains) as I gradually increased back to 4-5 runs per week.  Awesome!

3.  Work on those abs/visit the physio - did this early in the month and got the sad news I might be aggravating my abdominal separation.  She gave me a whole new program of small, targeted exercises which I've been doing pretty religiously.  Dare I say I think I see a tad bit of improvement?

4.  Find one more half marathon for 2012 - I did one better than that, I found 2 more!  I ran the Kamloops Half Marathon last Sunday (and it was awesome) and also registered for the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Half Marathon on Oct 7.

5.  Continue the green smoothie challenge - well, I had smoothies on the days that it worked out.  I was away a lot this month and failed to bring along enough of the fruit I liked.  Smoothies with lame fruit just aren't the same!

6.  Weight - nope, don't think I've lost any.  Could be due, in part, to #7 below

7.  No chips baby! - uh, no comment

8.  Let go - Sometimes as hard as you try you really can't change the way things end up.  It has been made very clear that my best just wasn't good enough - it's probably time to let go and not let it bother me so much.  Sigh, heavy heart.

Well that wasn't so bad.  I guess I actually did better than I thought!  The most awesome part of achieving these goals this month was that the last minute decision to run the Kamloops Half Marathon not only helped me achieve my distance goal but it also got me a PB that I am still grinning silly about.  :o)

Now, how about August - methinks I'll keep it simple since I fully intend to enjoy my last month of the summer before the hardcore Goofy training begins!

August Goals:

1.  Run 110km - I've pretty much decided I will join the Running Room Goofy Challenge clinic but it doesn't start until September.  Until then I've worked out my own training plan and August has about 110km on it.

2.  Complete all runs while on vacation - I did good during my past weeks off this summer, but I'm heading over to Vancouver Island for almost 2 weeks and I really wanna try to get all my runs done as per usual.

3.  Enjoy the Seawheeze!  Yay it's finally here!  The Lululemon Seawheeze half marathon is in a mere 9 days.  Since I'm coming off a PR my only plan is to take it super easy and just enjoy the wacky day this sounds like it is shaping up to be!  Lots of pictures, lots of laughs, lots of shopping at the race expo.  Sounds like I'll even be running it with a new running buddy from Run Club!

4.  Believe in ME.  As you may have suspected from July's goal #8, I've recently had a rough patch with a good friend and it's getting me down.  I've also realized lately that sometimes I am just too hard on myself for not being the perfect mother, the perfect runner, the perfect cook, the perfect wife, the perfect cleaner, the perfect friend...  It's dumb because nobody is perfect and it's silly to try and measure yourself against impossible standards.  Starting now I'd like to start appreciating myself a bit more, all my flaws and misgivings included.  It's not going to be an I'm-so-awesome kind of thing, just hopefully the start of being less critical of myself.  Yeah, I like that idea.
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