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Posted May 29 2013 2:24pm

Recently, I’ve been on a new kick… JUICING!!

It’s a super easy way to get everything you need all in one cup! After randomly stumbling upon the documentary, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross it really got me thinking about what I’ve been putting into my body. The movie follows Joe, who at the time is suffering from a severe disease, as he cuts out his old unhealthy habits and decides to juice fruits and veggies for 60 days.

I thought the 60 days was a little nuts, but it made me think “hey, why don’t I just try adding in a daily juice and see how I feel?” 

Now I have to be honest, the first few juices I made were pretty terrible..but after playing around with the ingredients, I ended up finding what went well together and what didn’t.

Not only do I feel more energized, but I feel healthier all together just knowing how great everything is for my body. I’m not the only one whose become a little addicted.. my BF is ALL about juicing! We go grocery shopping now and I’m not the only one who wants to stock up on the greens ;)

One of my favorite juice recipes is called the Splash of Sun  and it comes straight from the juicing documentary I had watched.


What you’ll need: 

3 carrots

2 oranges

1 inch piece of ginger



Throw it all in the blender


This juice is SO easy to make and it tastes really good! I like it in the mornings, because of the fruit (I like to eat my fruit only in the mornings because of the sugar) but it’s also a really good drink for ENERGY!

Anyways, let me know if you try this recipe! Also, if you have any other juice recipes to share, I’d love to hear them!

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