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Juice Plus+

Posted Sep 17 2008 12:00am

One of the most important priorities for the health of a nation should be the future - children. And with Capsulesall of the stress that we face, it seems that nutrition is often placed down the list of priorities. Too often we wait until there is a problem with our health before we take action. Most everyone will face some type of sickness or disease during the course of their life. Estimates are that about 1% of the population actually are proactive in prevention of disease based on the choices they make for a healthy lifestyle.  While billions of dollars are spent on research for curing sicknesses, diseases, and other ailments, the most important message is lost - and that is one of prevention. A healthy diet that consists of a minimum of 7 servings of fruits and vegetables each day is the first and probably most important step in prevention. It's simple, an easy message to deliver, and easy one to comprehend, yet it goes without action for most people. As easy as the advice is to give, and as powerful as the results could be, most of us fail at getting the minimum recommended fruits and vegetables each day. Whether we don't, can't, or won't, the fact is that we need the nutrients from a variety of fruit and vegetable sources. Hence, the vast market of products that tout many health benefits that are offered to us today. Many people now are discovering the power of one nutritional supplement in Juice Plus+® . What is it? It is not just one or several vitamins, but whole food nutrition from a variety of fruits and vegetables (7 and 8, respectively). NSA delivers the nutrients in a convenient and easy-to-take capsule form. For more info, visit Juice Plus

Diet and exercise can help reduce the risk of degenerative diseases like heart disease and stroke, diabetes and cancer. Click here to learn why eating fruits and vegetables is especially important, and how you can benefit from adding Juice Plus+® to your diet. Juice Plus+® is the most thoroughly researched nutritional product in history.

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