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Juice Plus+ And Your Health

Posted Feb 15 2009 12:00am

There are many reasons why Juice Plus+ may be an important supplement to your diet. The first of which is the value in getting more nutrients from fruits and vegetables, to your body and your good health. Juice Plus+ - learn why eating fruits and vegetables is especially important, and how you can benefit from adding Juice Plus+® to your diet.

Boost T Cells 67% with Regular Activity

Upper respiratory infections are the most common illnesses in the world. The average person gets 2 to 3 such bouts a year. Dipping temperatures challenge immune function -- but what about reduced activity levels brought on by colder weather? Could be, according to research from Professor David Nieman of Appalachian State University, whose research shows regular moderate exercise boosts immunity.

Dr. Nieman studied a group of elderly women comparing immune response with activity levels. What he found: "The thin, active older women had T cells that functioned 67% higher than other women, at a rate that was equal to women 40 years of age." Another study found a triple incidence of colds among inactive post-menopausal women, compared with those who walked for 45 minutes, 5 days a week.

In addition to exercise, fortify your immune defenses by choosing Superfoods for Your Immunity, like broccoli, spinach, cashews, guava, plums and mango. Other ways to optimize your immunity include vaccination, hand washing, adequate sleep and meditation.

Slimmer Diners Choose Booths, Scope Offerings, Chew More Slowly

The growing popularity of cheap, all-you-can-eat buffets isn't helping America's obesity epidemic. But it turns out these eating extravaganzas bring out basic behavioral differences between obese and normal-weight individuals. While some differences are easy to guess (like who leaves more food on their plate) others (like napkin and chopsticks usage) might surprise you.

Researchers at Cornell University observed 213 diners at a Chinese food buffet. Among the findings: Slimmer patrons were more than twice as likely to sit at a booth (vs. chairs). Heavier diners were 50% more likely to sit facing the buffet. As for the main event, 71% of slim diners scoped the buffet before serving themselves, while two-thirds of the obese dove right in. One-fourth of normal-weight diners used chopsticks, compared to less than a tenth of the obese. Normal-weight people were also more likely to place napkins in their laps -- and spend more time chewing their food.

If you're worried about your weight, eat home-cooked meals or, if dining out, skip buffets and ask for half of your entree to take home. Buffets aren't any better midday: Women who overeat at lunch take in 56% more total calories for the day. If business or social obligations make buffets unavoidable, start with soup or salad to cut your calorie intake.

Comments: There is sufficient evidence that shows the power of fruits and vegetables to your health and well-being. There is also an tremendous shortage of people who consume enough fruits and vegetables in their diet each day. For this reason, I personally recommend Juice Plus+® as a supplement to your diet, in order to get whole food nutrients into your bloodstream to support the health of your cells. Diet and exercise can help reduce the risk of degenerative diseases like heart disease and stroke, diabetes and cancer. Juice Plus+ - learn why eating fruits and vegetables is especially important, and how you can benefit from adding Juice Plus+® to your diet. Juice Plus+® is the most thoroughly researched nutritional product in history.

Dr. J. Patrick Havey
The Health & Wellness Institute
Official Juice PLus+ Independent Distributor


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