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Juice Fast: Day 2

Posted Oct 26 2011 10:00am

Another day down, and a whole lot more juices have been consumed.

In fact, I can’t believe I only have one more day left of fasting. These first two days have flown by.

Here’s a quick run-down of my fast experiences so far:

Fasting Benefits:

  • Noticeably flatter stomach
  • Lost a couple pounds (who knows if they’ll stay off, though)
  • Clearer mind– feeling really calm and peaceful, in general
  • Nasal congestion GONE (I usually suffer from mild seasonal allergies)
  • No cravings, other than wanting to now chew the veggies I’m juicing ;)
Detox Symptoms:

  • slight headache at the end of Day 1 (gone by morning, though)
  • white-coated tongue and teeth

Not bad, really.

In fact, I think my symptoms and cravings could have been a lot worse, if I weren’t helping things along!

Here are some useful detox tools I’ve been employing:

[ source ]

Dry brushing. I’ve been using my dry brush at least once a day, if not twice, to help eliminate any toxins that may try pushing through the skin. I especially like dry brushing right before a sauna session , so I don’t have any clogged pores!

A tongue scraper. This thing scrapes all that white gunk off my tongue, and leaves my mouth feeling cleaner than ever. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help get the coating off my teeth… and even brushing them with a powerful toothbrush doesn’t get it all off! Gross.

My rebounder. Bouncing gets your lymph moving, and helps carry those toxins out! Just a few minutes of bouncing can do the trick.

Regular exercise. I’ve been keeping up my regular treadmill workout throughout the fast, as well. The more you can keep your blood flowing, the better! Lately, I’ve been using my GymBoss timer to time my walk/jog intervals on the treadmill. Juice fasting isn’t a time to increase your workouts, but since my regular workouts are pretty moderate, I’ve had no problem keeping them up. In fact, running was actually easier for me this morning!

*not sure how my exercise routine would change with a longer fast, but 3 days is short enough to keep things pretty normal.

[ source ]

An enema bag. Colon cleansing just comes with fasting territory. You’re awakening toxins by juice fasting, but if you don’t help your body eliminate them, you run the risk of those toxins simply being reabsorbed into the body (which probably won’t feel good, by the way). I’m employing the use of my enema bag at home, and will be getting a professionally-administered gravity colonic at the end of my fast.

[ source ]

Massage. Can you think of a more enjoyable way to help along your detox? Massage helps get your blood and lymph flowing, and can be especially beneficial the day before a gravity colonic.

Yes, please.

All in all, not a bad way to fast. I can’t believe I only have one day left!

Reader Feedback: How are the rest of my fellow fasters out there doing? :D

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