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Juice Drinks Plus Soft Drinks Need Less Sugar

Posted Apr 26 2009 12:00am

Juice Plus+® is recommended for those who do not get enough fruits and vegetables in their diet. Juice Plus+® contains is whole food nutrition, unlike vitamins, and contains nutrients from a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Probably the biggest contributor to the extra weight that the majority of Americans have, is the calories they get from beverages. It is just too easy to consume a lot of calories when they come in the form of juice drinks or soft drinks. Too many beverages are just loaded with sugar, alcohol included. By substituting water for those many other beverages, you can easily cut a few pounds from your weight, not to mention the improvement in your energy levels. Here's more from --

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Soft drink makers should invent and market a new category of semi-sweet beverages that will help wean Americans off their reliance on sugary drinks, nutrition experts said on Monday.

They proposed a new class of reduced-calorie beverages with no more than 1 gram of sugar per ounce, which with about 50 calories is about 70 percent less sugar than a typical soft drink contains. They said such drinks should also be free of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharine.

"We need to retrain American tastes away from super-sweet drinks," Lilian Cheung of the Harvard School of Public Health said in a statement.

"If we can shift the present American norm back to a lower expectation of sweetness, people will adjust their palates, particularly the younger population."

The American Beverage Association, which represents soft drink makers, was not immediately available for comment. Of course not, they don't want to face the facts that they are responsible for the demise of a large number of people's health! ( source )

Note: If the best we can do is create a new 'class' of juice drinks and sweetened drinks that have low amounts of sugar, so be it. Something done is better than nothing done about the obvious source of unhealthy calories that are widely consumed. But in reality, the problem needs to be addressed by eliminating any beverages with sugar or artificial sweeteners from your diet . The results are clear from the thousands of people who have taken this approach to get healthier. And certainly most of them are happy to lose weight as a result of this action.

All you have to do is look at the consumption of soft drinks on a per capita basis to realize that this is the #1 source of calories contributing to not only the overweight and obesity epidemic, but the dwindling health of America.

No health care plan is going to make you healthy or take care of you. Only a healthy lifestyle from healthy choices will. So start choosing health.

Dr. J Patrick Havey
Official Juice Plus+® Independent Distributor

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