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Jugs in the Fridge?

Posted Jan 28 2010 12:00am

Yes, Jugs of my Urine for 48 hours in the fridge. Every last drop. It’s going to be SUCH a fabulous weekend.

Here’s the DL. My Endocrinologist ordered a bunch of tests. 24 Hour urine collection was one of them. Fine. I was going to do it on Sunday. But NO. My mom goes to pick up the jugs for me since I’m at work, and she told me that my script says I have to do it for two whole days! Two days of collecting every drop of pee I tinkle out of my body ALL WEEKEND. That means no drinking for the whole weekend which is nothing short of a dissapointment. And that means not leaving my house long enough to have to pee. FABULOUS. To top it off, all of it must be kept in the fridge. My family is going to LOVE me.

Anyways, to fill my weekend pleasures, me and the boyf will be drinking alot of wine tonight and probably going to applebees for half price apps. Yes, I said it. I’m eating bad and late at night. Sounds bad for a Thursday, but just get over it and pretend it’s a weekend day. that makes it acceptable! loves ittttttt.

I officially declare today the beginning of my weekend! yesssssssss. and work is over in 8 minutes!!!! amazing.

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