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Joyous Moments

Posted Sep 23 2010 5:17pm
Lately I have been trying to make an effort to stop and reflect, to appreciate the little joys in our daily life. And I noticed that the happiest moments, are made up of the simplest ingredients.

Arts with T for example, arts can be a somewhat messy affair, which one has to set up for.. cardboard base to protect the carpet, brushes, paints, glue glitter...etc etc, However. The other day, T and I were at the beach and T had collected a small handful of pebbles off the sand( collecting was a game in itself) watching her I have no doubt she goes into a magical world where in her mind she is an adventurer trekking for miles to find rare exotic treasures, then we took the pebbles and ground them into a fine powder on the ground and added water, that made beautiful paint stlye paste which we used to do hand prints and finger painting. We had such fun and the best thing of all was there was no mess to clean up afterwards, just washed our hands in the surf.

Then, picnic. How often do you organise a few rolls, some fruit and go sit somewhere on the grass for a luvly little picnic? T and I decided that we would do just that, we drove to a beautiful little place called Avalon where we bought some delicious breadrolls, and sat ourselves on a grassy hill by the beach in the afternoon sun. T was so content, she didn’t race off to play, or ask to go do something, it was such a nice peaceful time to share. We sat there eating our fresh bread in total silence, watching the waves roll and the people go by, occasionally sharing a smile before looking off to the distance again, Or having a chat about whatever popped into mind (and with T that is always an interesting concept!) My idea of a perfect afternoon.

So, looking back at it, I had the best time with my little person, doing the simplest of things and just enjoying each others company, how wonderful. So before getting caught up in the idea that to have fun you need to go spend ridiculous amounts of money on theme parks (which are of course fun as a treat, but not the be all end all in fun-ness) and play centres to have fun with the kids, try creating with the natural objects around you, or going for that lovely little picnic. Enjoy
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