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Journal: lovely dresses

Posted Dec 22 2012 12:00am

The whole family went to outlet, spent few hours between adult and baby stores and got some great deals! We had a lot of fun buying for our new family member :)

S slept relatively well the night before. She ate at 1:30 am, way too early compared to her recent record of 3-5, but once fed, she got back to sleep right away until 4 or so, when she fussed a bit with eyes close. Mom transferred her to the swing and she slept well until 7. Not too bad but not as good as before. At least she didn’t stay awake for long as the previous few nights that drove us crazy.

We had breakfast as S took her first nap. To switch a bit from the pancake, I made a batch of pumpkin waffles. Used this recipe and used canned pumpkin instead of kabocha.


Waffles with almond butter sauce and scramble eggs


Mom had panettone with coffee


S was awake 45 min later. Yay…. her first nap got shorter these days. :(

Too early to eat again so we entertained her between play mat, changing table and some “talking”. Once she ate again, we prepared to leave.

We spent 2.5 hours at the outlet, 1 more on the drive and Sofia slept the whole time!!! It’s the second day that her second nap lasts almost 4 hrs! The day before we all went to have hair cut and then some errands, she also slept the whole time. :shock:

Our purchases! Polos for dad and Star, a polo vest and a top for me, and 3 dresses for Sofia! :)

We had lunch really late (3pm). Glad we took plenty of snacks with us (fruits, chocolate and panettone)


sautéed sweet pea with sausage


fish and meat ball soup with glass noodles


sautéed celery with squid and black fungus


jumbo green beans with chinese pickles

After some resting for us and an hour nap for S it was bath time. But before that, we tried the dresses on her and couldn’t stop laughing on how cute she is!!!!

one dress from Carter’s



and two from Saks Fifth Avenue







These two are quite dressy and Sofia is soooo cute and girly wearing them! :) LOVE!!!

It’s so fun to dress a baby girl!!!! :lol:

We all snacked for dinner since no one was hungry. I had kabocha and corn, no surprise! :)

S went to sleep at 7:30 pm, she woke up to eat at 2:30 and went back to sleep almost 1.5 hrs later. :( Hopefully she’s working on getting back to her old trend.

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