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Jon Stewart’s Pizza Tour!

Posted Aug 19 2011 3:47pm

Hey kids!  Do you watch The Daily Show?  We do!  And we saw the episode a few weeks ago in which Mr. Donald (You’re Fired!) Trump was reamed out for any single part of combination of these elements:

1.  Meeting Sarah Palin

2.  Going out for Pizza with Sarah Palin

3.  Being a New Yorker and taking an Alaskan to “Famiglia’s Pizza” in the city OF PIZZA.

4.  Eating said pizza WITH A FORK instead of folding it up properly.

5.  Being Donald Trump.

Check out the clip here .

Well during that clip if you saw it or just watched it you will see that John lists off some of NYC’s best pizza places.  So inspired were Frecks and I, that we decided to look into going out for some flippin pizza!  We wanted to check out some of those famous slices that we so rarely get to enjoy.  But we hadn’t seen the clip in a while so I figured I’d just google it to watch it again…well little did I know, the internet already knew the significance of Stewart’s tirade.

Take a look at this real list of common google searches:


I only had to type in the first six letters of Jon Stewart and google KNEW what we wanted.  PIZZA.

So we started off last night, and went to Lombardi’s Pizza in Nolita.  They have a basic margarita pizza that you built on.  We went with romano cheese, red onions, and roasted red peppers.  At $3 dollars a topping we had to be a little sensible about this, but it paid off.  The pizza was VERY good.  Now, I said VERY good, not slap me in the face and poke out my pizza loving eyes amazing.  I’m still waiting for that experience.  I really enjoyed their pizza.  But honestly, you got to do better to impress me.


Next stop: Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn, and we will have a report for you.

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