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Join My 5-Day New Year’s Detox For Only $129 – Food Included! Register by Jan 1st

Posted Dec 27 2012 4:24pm

Did you by chance party a little too much this holiday season? Yea, me too :)

I have good news: My 5-day no-starvation mini-cleanse that will get us all back on track. Most women will lose 4-5 pounds during the 5 days (and men who want to join typically lose 5-10 pounds – damn their faster metabolisms!) If your significant other wants to join you, just indicate you want the program x2 on the registration form.

Your 5 days will consist of cleansing and detoxing the body with the 5 Day RESET. This rockstar cleanse is done through food. No hunger, no stimulants or unhealthy junk.

It all starts Monday, January 7, 2013 – register by January 1st at midnight.

  • You’ll lose 4-5 pounds in the first five days, and 5-15 pounds total after 30 days if you choose to continue on (optional extension to 30 days). Hello, “jeans-I-haven’t-worn-in-5-years.”
  • You’ll have enough energy to tackle a tiger during the day (not recommended), and a much more restful sleep at night.
  • Your skin will become so glowingly vibrant and clear, you’ll wonder if you should have been a Neutrogena model.
  • Your mood will catapult into a steady state of happiness your significant other will wonder what the heck is going on with you, in a good way.
  • You won’t have to think about anything. Except maybe how good it’ll feel when the future slim you saunters into your next cocktail party and confidently grabs a glass of wine while other women scoff with envy. Your smoothies, snacks and supplements are shipped straight to your door, and all you have to do is open the box and enjoy.
  • You will not get hungry. Hungry isn’t healthy. You’ll eat five yummy meals and snacks each day, and you’ll love ‘em all. (Beats a chemical-laden, tiny-portioned Lean Cuisine any day, right?)
  • You’ll get detailed lists of exactly what to buy at the grocery store, what to keep stocked in your kitchen, and even what to order at restaurants or eat at parties.
  • You’ll have the support of others currently enrolled in my online nutrition program. With our online forum of over 100 women, you’ll find the inspirationand motivationto keep on going. Even when it feels so darn hard. (Because sometimes, it will.)

The program is worth well over $500, I just like to give people extra-good deals when I can. So grab a friend and join in on the fun: register here .

Each day for 5 days you drink three delicious and filling smoothies at mealtime, eat a yummy nutrition bar for both your morning and afternoon snacks, plus one serving of fruit and unlimited raw vegetables anytime during the day. So, you’re eating 5-6 times per day and will feel full and not hungry during these 5 days. While on the 5 Day RESET, you also drink eight to ten glasses of water and exercise moderately for 20-30 minutes per day.

Those who want to lose weight may lose as much as 4-5 pounds on the RESET, and the fat comes off the waist first. But the most important result of the RESET is that it puts the body in a healthy state so that it is easier to make healthy food choices.

After the 5 days, you’ll have the option to turn your program into a 30-day total health program, more details about that will be sent to cleanse participants.

  • Your RESET Kit, delivered straight to your doorstep, with delicious chocolate, vanilla and strawberry smoothies, peanut butter crunch and oatmeal raisin bars, and 5 days worth of top-quality vitamin packs.
  • Daily emails that you’ll receive each morning with resources, instructions and other good-stuff to make your cleanse as effective as possible.
  • Videos, food charts, handouts and tons of other resources to continue on with your new healthy, slim and sexified self
  • Access to my exclusive online nutrition forum for support and to connect with other participants for ideas and motivation.

Ready to go? Register here for only $129 by Tuesday, January 1st.

See you in the forum!

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