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join me in clease america 5!!

Posted Mar 06 2013 10:22pm

You are so beautiful.

and perfect.

and wonderful.

and I could go on and on…

But I have got to tell you, EVERYONE can benefit from a detox.

Even the most pure, raw, vibrant, healthy people do them.

Why you ask?

Well…if you take a few moments to think about all the toxic food that you once ate (although you now have permission to let that thought go run freeeee…!), the chemicals in the environment that you breathe day to day, and the toxic and acidic EMOTIONS that you carry with you [jealousy, anger, greed, and anything ego-centered], you will probably feel the need to cleanse.

Detoxing is essential for the body, the mind, and the spirit.

Toxicity expresses itself and manifests in the body in oh so many ways: immune dysfunction, skin problems, mood disorders, exhaustion, digestion issues, systemic yeast, candida, parasites, among others. It’s my belief that we are here to be completely vibrant beings, and that sickness and disease is a wake up call to detox from our bodies what is not supposed to be there. Which is why I’ve been on this journey for a couple years now. Yes, that’s the big secret- I’ve been on a healing journey of my own for years and I can’t wait to help you with yours. It’s invigorating, and it feels so wonderful to be in charge of your own health.

Do you want to start?

Join me in Cleanse America 5 from March 8th-17th!!! Paul Risse , the amazing wellness warrior has made it his mission to help us all cleanse…and he’s done so in such a passionate, whole-hearted, and fun manner. If you sign up, you get access to a whole library of juices, smoothies, and raw food recipes, but the most amazing part about this cleanse is the community of cleansers. Paul creates a private Facebook Group for everyone who signs up for the cleanse to discuss, play, connect, and learn from each other. I gained so much knowledge in the already nutrition-obsessed brain of mine during cleanseamerica4, and I can’t wait to share, participate, and learn during this one!

Please sign up and do this with me! I’ll be here with you the whole time with even more juice and smoothie recipes, support, love, room for questions, or anything else I haven’t mentioned.

I seriously cannot wait– cleansing is SO much fun because it feels so good to feel so good!!!

The basic guidelines for this cleanse are broken down in two levels: level one is for the average “I’ve never done a cleanse” person. It’s full of yummy juices, smoothies, salads, and raw foods of all types. Level two is for more of the “okay I’m ready for a full on thing” type- all liquid baby! juices, smoothies, and raw soup galore!

I know it’s coming up soon, but it’s never too late to get back on track.  you got this!

Now, last time we were cleansing, I had to go heavily on the vegetables, and lightly on the fruits. I juiced apples and had berries and other low-glycemic fruits like grapefruits- but bananas and some of the other high sugar fruits that are included were not included in my cleanse because I was fully detoxing the sugar from my body. If you have any questions regarding this- feel free to ask!


I’m a firm believer that nutrition, cleansing, and diet alone are not the heal all. That part is all body- we also have to focus on the mind and the spirit when we are cleansing- because they are essentially all one. I’ll help you out with some awesome meditations that I do, quotes and affirmations of course, yoga practices, and little ways that you ca


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