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Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...

Posted Dec 10 2012 11:43am
Jingle all the way!!!
I ran my last official race of 2012 yesterday and it was FANTASTIC! Honestly, anything probably would have gone better than that  Turkey Trot ! It is weird how I remember bits & pieces from every race. Not that I have done too many of them, but I still remember the really good and the really bad. Thankfully, race #11 of my new 'career' went well, despite the rain, the drizzle and the freezing cold temperature. The race was held in New Baltimore, MI which is on Lake St. Clair. I am sure the lake is beautiful when it is warm and sunny, but running along it yesterday was cold, gray and not too inviting. I am pretty sure that made me run faster, trying to get away from it! I am not sure how many years the Jingle Bell Run has been going on, I know it has been more than 20 years and it was so well organized! I love that. The volunteers were wonderful and there were people all along the route and trust me when I tell you...It was really crappy out! It never stopped drizzling rain that would have been sleet had it been just a few degrees cooler. It truly was miserable. The weather didn't dampen spirits though. There were people in all kinds of costumes and fun socks. Lots of dogs, which usually is an issue, but every owner had one of those little muzzle leashes on and I didn't trip over any of them or kids this time! That HAS to be a record right there!Sadly, I didn't take any pictures because there was no way I was going to take off my gloves just to take a picture of a dog with a Santa beard on. Sorry to disappoint you. Does this help?
Yep...I ran in a Grinch shirt! I also had some festive little sparkly garland ponytail holders that took large amounts of hair out with them last night. Not good, definitely not good. Once again my trusty Bondi Band did not let me down. Love those things! I had on a tech turtle neck and arm warmers underneath that. I wore my beloved leather gloves that were issued to me in Navy bootcamp, Feetures! socks, and my favorite thermal leggings. I talked about them in my Running Warm on a Budget post; one of my most popular blog posts. Since it was a Jingle Bell Run, we were all given two sets of bells to put on our shoes. How fun and probably incredibly irritating, but I was wearing my yurbuds !
My bells and my car key...ha! As you may already know, I am results obsessed driven and force you all to see the full stats of my races. This is no exception! Ha! Official ResultsChip Time: 25:57
Pace: 8:21 minutes/per mile
Overall: 254th out of 984
40-44 Age Group: 11th out of 90
Guess what? Yep...PR, baby!!  WooHoo! What a way to end my first year of racing! Not even a year of racing, just over 7 months! My 1st 5k I ran in 34:37, that was on the 4th of July. 8:03 seconds off of my time in just 5 months. Yesterday's PR beat my previous by 21 seconds. I love that and I am really proud of myself. I am also still amazed that I am doing it...HaHa!It wasn't easy. I was wet, I was cold and I wanted it over. But I had an hour drive home and I was on Cloud 9! I still am. I love this running thing and I love the people it has brought into my life. I can say, without a doubt, that running has changed my life!Have a great Monday, my friends! By the way, tomorrow marks the Halfway point of the 2012 Holiday Running Streak.I have not missed a day and have run 45 miles to date! How was your weekend?What are you most proud of?Are you streaking? 
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