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Jillian Michaels iFit Card Level 1 Get Fit – Review

Posted Mar 17 2010 12:00am

I got my Level 1 Get Fit iFit card in the mail yesterday.  After buying and trying to do level 3 on the treadmill a couple weeks ago, I decided it was to hard and I would step it down a little to level 1.  I popped the card in my NordicTrack treadmill and put on program 1.

Being an active person already, level 1, program 1 was entirely too easy.  It basically had me walking for 20 minutes and at the most it was an incline of 6 and speed of 3.5mph I think.  Every time Jillian would change the speed for me, I would take it up a couple notches to make it harder.  If you’re already active, I wouldn’t recommend this card for you.  At least don’t start at program 1. 

I scanned through the different pre-set workouts on the card and I’m going to give the card another shot but maybe start on program 10..which would put me into the 4th week of the card.  It looks like she ups the speed and incline and it’s a bit harder of a workout. 

Overall, with manipulating her speeds/inclines, program 1 wouldn’t have come close to burning the 200-350 calories that it says it should.  I made the workout harder and I still only burned 150.  I can’t complain though because after changing the speeds myself, I did have my calves burning. 

I think Jillian Michaels is a great trainer and I will try any of her products to assist in my fitness goals.

I’ll let you know how Level 1, program 10 goes when I try it next.

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