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Jensy Scarola on Getting Honest & Staying Connected

Posted Oct 07 2013 5:00am

If you haven’t had the sheer pleasure of being introduced to Jensy Scarola , then welcome to Your Wide Awakening . Jensy is an author, life coach, and speaker. This woman is a powerhouse of wisdom. Every time we have a session together, I soak up every word and leave feeling a bit wiser and a bit lighter.

Jensy recently released her first book, Your Wide Awakening: A Guide to Anorexia Recovery . This book is revolutionary because it offers a spiritual-based approach to healing from food addiction. It is powerful and transformative, and I honestly think it’s one of the most-needed books on the market. If I’d had this book when I was suffering from anorexia, I would have been much more open. It is a bit more gentle and a lot more enlightening than any other recovery program I was introduced to. 

I know that you’re going to fall in love with her, and the meditation she outlined just for you!

As young adults, we venture out into the big wide open world. It’s scary. There are a lot of expectations and pressures put on us to become what society/family/your significant other/mass media expects us to be. When we do things from expectation, our soul (our inner guide) gets blocked and we can’t access it. Then, we medicate with food, TV, clubbing, Internet surfing, shopping, etc. We end up in toxic relationships, having eating disorders, addictions, and depression. When you notice yourself headed in the wrong direction, we can get get back in touch with our inner soul sister by doing the following things: 
  • Get quiet. This makes some people edgy. The “stuff” we have been putting off dealing with comes up. The argument with your parents. The mistake you made years ago. The resentment you feel from a past relationship all come up. You gotta feel it to heal it. That resentment you are carrying around is only blocking you from hearing your inner guide. That pain, that old wound, that loss, that argument can be healed. It can be forgiven. Below is a five minute meditation/reflection I do when I know I need to heal some old “stuff”.
  • Evaluate your relationships. The reason why we are here is to give and receive love. Our relationships are what give meaning to our lives. The greatest love of all is your relationship to your Self, how you talk to Self, and how you nurture Self. And how we do that is by tuning in to our Self/Spirit by getting quiet. (See Step 1.) Once you feel like you have a strong relationship with yourSelf, then relationships begin to flourish. You will seek out relationships that compliment what you need. You may find that you are in relationships that no longer serve what you need because you are becoming more self aware through your reflective practices. This is where speaking up and honoring your Soul’s needs come into play.
Let’s say you are struggling with one of your relationships. You have the conversation that your needs are not being met. You write down all the things you need to feel safe and loved. You express your needs. You feel vulnerable and let all your feelings out in the open. This gives the other person a way to see it from your perspective and can correct some of their behaviors to get the relationship back in its flow. This doesn’t mean the other person needs to change who they are. But to continue a fulfilling relationship there needs to be a give and take. One of two things can happen, the other person can see that you are hurt and longing for more from the relationship. They work on getting your needs met to continue the relationship. Or you keep expressing your needs and you are neither “seen” or “heard”, it may be time to build courage to get your needs met in another relationship elsewhere. In my first book, Your Wide Awakening: A Guide to Anorexia Recovery , I talk about looking for relationships that are supportive, encouraging, loving and forgiving. A way to remember this is to think of the acronym S.E.L.F. When you have fulfilling relationships in your life, your inner soul sister has no choice but to shine. 

Keep tuning in to what your inner soul sister is telling you. Each day, make a commitment to get quiet so you can hear what she is saying. She loves you. She is your best friend. She wants the very, VERY best for you. 
Love and Light Always,
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