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January 2013 Training

Posted Feb 07 2013 10:07pm

The beginning of the year has been the same old, same old.  Tons of work for my real job.  Tons of work for my part time job.  Tons of work with my Mock Trial team (I’m a coach).  Tons of attempted training. It’s been groundhog day, I f-ing swear.  It’s almost a carbon copy of last year’s January to March…leading to extreme exhaustion, near nervous breakdowns, and dinners of Ben and Jerry’s. Oh, and catching an f-ing cold.

Fortunately, I have no social life, so I’ve been successfully balancing all of these things…perhaps at the expense of a social life (but, see above–can it be at the expense of something you never had?).  But, notice, I said attempted training.  Not successful training.  I still haven’t figured out how to balance trial and training.  I can’t eat during trial, so after work, working out is out of the question.  And in the morning, well, I just can’t get up before trial to workout because I always think there are more last minute preparations I should be doing instead of working out.

But, so far, I’m still ahead of 2012 Pen.  So that’s good.  And now that I’ve announced my Kona intentions, I just gotta stay even more serious.  In fact, this week I have almost 15hours of training scheduled…and I’m chomping at the bit.  But, before that, January is ending and it’s time for a quick training wrap up.

December 31 – January 6

  • Run: 3:46:15, 26.06mi
  • Bike: 3:04:03, 56.5mi
  • Swim: 3:07:30, 9000yds
  • Total Time: 10:17 (13:34 planned)

January 7 – January 13 (Trial Week 1)

  • Run: 2:28:00, 17.55mi
  • Swim: 0:30:00, 1200yds
  • Bike: 1:44:00, 30.00
  • Total: 5:02:00 (11:57 planned)

January 14 – January 20 (Trial Week 2)

  • Run: 1:18:00, 8.5mi
  • Swim: 2:56:00, 8500yds
  • Bike: 2:53:52, 48.80mi
  • Total: 7:31:10 (10:57:00 planned)

January 21 – January 27

  • Run: 3:32:00, 19.7mi
  • Swim: 2:40:00, 8100yds
  • Bike: 1:46:00, 25mi
  • Total: 8:20:05 (12:57 planned)

January 28 – February 3 (Recovery Week)

  • Run: 1:00, 7mi
  • Swim: 0:50:00, 2350yds
  • Bike: 0:00:00, 0mi (my bad)
  • Total: 2:05:00 (5:05:00 planned)

So, as you can tell I haven’t been so good at doing everything my coach has told me.  But, that stops this week.  I don’t want to get to Eagleman and have regrets that I didn’t put my all into the training.  If I’m honest, I have a big problem putting in the amount of training that my coach gives me.  It used to be that I was lucky if I got in 60%.  And I think my highest completed volume week for the Ironman was 15ish hours.  Now, I’m usually (barring trials) good for about 75-80% of scheduled workouts.  And I think last year I only got in like 3 double digit hour weeks in the summer and I’ve already hit one this year.  I’m doing much better than I used to.

The past three years, my talk hasn’t matched my actions.  I had big goals, but I did not put in the work to get to those goals.  So, I haven’t put in the work to ever before see what I was truly capable.   And I want to see what I’m truly capable.  Hopefully, that is enough to get a Kona spot.

All of that said, I’ve got a run to do…


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