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January 1, 2013! New Year's Tea Time!

Posted Jan 01 2013 12:00am

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year everyone!! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe night!  Our New Year’s night was perfect!  We got to spend time with friends, and with each other!  
I’m pretty excited and looking forward to 2013!

Today our day consisted of RELAXING!  I didn’t leave the house until 7pm, to get something at the store!  We also made (steeped) some fabulous tea, which of course I took pictures of!

Let’s backtrack a little bit…

Nathan got me a gorgeous cast iron tea pot for our first Christmas together (2009!).
I got into the habit of buying loose tea leaves, boiling water, pouring it into the teapot, and steeping the leaves.  Loved it. The process, the taste, I was hooked. Then unfortunately I got out of the habit.  But I looked at the beautiful cast iron tea pot every day, where it sat on the stove.  That teapot traveled with me through three different apartments on my own (and with old roomate and friend Melissa of course), and finally here, where I live with Nathan.

A few months ago (November…?) I was talking to Nathan about how I wanted to get back into steeping the tea in the teapot, and blah blah blah. Do you get where this is going now…?

Low and behold…. some of my stocking stuffers this Christmas included loose tea from Teavana !  “Youthberry” flavored white, to be exact. According to Tevana,   


Youthful and fresh, this clean and crisp, pale pink, blushing tea is made from candied pineapple and mango pieces with Fuji and Golden Delicious apples added for spirit. ‘Superfruits’ red currant and acai berry create a youthful glow in this medley of smart, bright, refreshingly soft white tea. Refreshing sweet pineapple and fruity acai berry infusion with subtle floral finish.

Nathan also got me two little tea cups that are the cutest things I think I have ever seen, and I love them!  The tea cups even MATCH the tea pot!

This is what we did:

  1. Teavana ’s so great, because it lists the directions on the back of the can!   Following directions for white tea, we used 1.5 teaspoons of tea.  We put this into the basket and set it in the cast iron teapot.

2.  Then, in our normal kettle (because we don’t want to ruin the cast iron tea pot….is this weird…?) we put water (eyeballed it)  on til it reached 175 degrees.  (those were the directions on the tin.)

3)  We poured the water into the cast iron tea pot and over the tea leaves/flowers.

4) Following the directions again, we let it steep for 2 minutes.  (with top part of tea pot on.)

5)  We then poured some tea into the cups, and enjoyed!  It was absolutely delicious!

Some more helpful hints on Teavana’s tin of tea, were:

“If stronger flavor is desired, add more tea, not time.”

I think Youthberry is delicious, flavorful and light.  Very flowery.  I think it even smells youthful!  The dried tea is pretty itself, even just in the tin! It was somewhat sparkly when steeped and poured in the cups, which I thought was neat as well.

For more great information on Tevana Tea’s… click here:

I’m looking forward to many more nights enjoying this delicious tea.  Making it is half the fun!  


  • Do you brew/steep your own tea? 
  • Have you tried Youthberry White ? 
  • What is your favorite type of tea? 


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