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Jaime’s Wedding Cake Finale

Posted May 23 2010 12:00am

I’m on a baking hiatus.  For an undetermined amount of time.  Or at least until my heart beat returns back to normal levels when all the sugar gets out of my system. 

I was so busy with baking and other things, that I feel I’ve been behind for days on posting/reading.  My google reader is making me somewhat anxious, but I’m slowly reading through- I try not to miss anything!

Anyways, let’s go back to Friday night, shall we?  Mon was a godsend.  After a nice little sweat session in the workout room (seriously, poor air circulation and rainy weather creates severe humidity/stankness in the gym.  No bueno.  I started the white cake and had it in the oven by the time Mon came over.  She had volunteered to help.  I don’t think she knew what she was getting herself into.  I pretty much put her in charge of the cake bites.  Their working name was “balls”, so you can imagine how many balls jokes flew around my apartment that night.  Yes, we’re both turning 13 in July, in case you’re wondering.  Oh balls…

After the bites were done, I continued on with my work on the last tier of the cake.  Mon started doing dishes.  And just so you think I’m not a dictator in the kitchen, I told her to stop with the dishes and just sit and talk to me while I finish up, but she insisted.  I turn around and keep working.  I turn again, and she has my entire stovetop disassembled and is scrubbing the drip pans.  “MON!  What are you doing?!?!”  She’s sort of OCD when it comes to cleaning.  And believe it or not, enjoys it.  I told her to stop.  And, I kid you not, she said “don’t you dare take this away from me!  I’m loving this!”  I’m considering letting her attack my bathroom soon…

I ran out of powdered sugar around 11:00.  This was fine. Because I had been able to dirty ice almost everything and all that was left was the final icing and starting to decorate.  No probs.  Mon and I had a sweet buzz going on from the sugar and wine.  I highly recommend it.  Another friend from the complex/workout room came over as well.  He put in his two cents as he watched us work.  I told him to stop being sassy.  He asked if “sassy” was my way of saying stop being an asshole.  I said yes it was. 

My epic mistake came with staying up until after 3:00 that night.  Another friend of mine stopped by after he had been out celebrating a birthday.  We caught up, but my issue with not being able to sleep in definitely let me know how bad of an idea this really was.

 Because I still had to run.  And I did.  It was a slightly miserable run.  I was tired and bogged down.  Diet really does effect exercise.  And when your diet sucks for a few days, so does your exercise routine.  Not a lie.  Four miles in the schedule.  I had wanted to do five.  My body and I compromised at 4.25.  Eh.

The rest of Saturday was filled with finishing all the baking, getting ready, transporting, and then enjoying the wedding reception.  And because all of ya’ll asked- let’s look at some pictures. Cake bites!  Don’t they look cute??  I even showed Monica how to drizzle my balls with chocolate.  Yeah… Amy is 13. At some point on Friday night.  I was freaking out and not sure how I was going to fit everything.  We were going to take stuff to Mon’s house when we discovered my crisper.  Uh… yeah, totally forgot about it.  Clearly I never use it.  So all my food is jammed into the crisper at the moment. A little boo boo.  Turns out buttercream works as glue, too.  Shhh… Slowly coming together… Buckle up, kids!  This was by far the most stressful part of the week.  Not kidding.  A shell rolled off the top of one of the cakes and I heard it drop and I almost had a heart attack.  Grandmas were flipping me off as I took my time in the slow lane.  Turns were heart stopping.  I think I aged five years on that drive…

But I made it.  And was able to have it almost completely set up before Jaime and Scott got to the restaurant.  All together now…. I am done.  And they loved it!  It was a real accomplishment.  And I was happy to do it.  Because Jaime and Scott have been so wonderful to me since I’ve moved up.  They really took me in and make me feel like family.  I love them both dearly and am so happy for them! Congrats guys!  :)

The reception was great.  It was held at Vines on Clark , right across the street from Wrigley Field (it was an away weekend for the Cubs).  It was a gorgeous day, and the reception was held in an area in a private part of the restaurant with a patio. 

It was an appetizer reception with some of their favorites from the restaurant.  Toasted ravioli, coconut shrimp, and build-your-own-nachos.  The toasted ravioli kind of made me want to pass out and go to my happy place.  It was stuffed with pepperjack cheese- which I had never had, but wow.  Now I’m ready for food detox…

I didn’t partake too much in the drinking.  Mostly because I was driving.  I was offered a place to stay, but I really just wanted to go home later that night and sleep in my own bed and just crash for as long as possible. 

Expect me to be lazy for the majority of the day.  I earned it.  :p

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