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J’adore la what?

Posted Jan 31 2013 4:58pm

I am writing to you from Mind Body Barre! Finally, I have a minute to sit and write. J’adore la vie, baby.

Honestly, I don’t know how I even functioned as a human being today. I was fumbling over sentences as I counseled my patients, my site crashed, and money randomly got withdrawn from my bank account for no reason, leaving my account almost completely empty. I felt like I was going at a million miles a minute and couldn’t stop. My mind was racing, my heart was pounding, and I was trying to do it all on my own. 

That’s what happens when you try to get things done and completely neglect your inner guide. We can’t do it all alone.

Anyways, I needed to recalibrate. So, I sat in a short meditation for 30 seconds in my chair and asked my inner guide to release my anxiety and calm my mind. For real. I said, “Inner guide, please release my anxiety, calm my mind, and help me to see the big picture.” Then, I opened up the Course. Whenever I’m feeling like my ego is starting to seep in, I grab the Course and say a prayer over it like, “Please guide me to what I need to see.” Without fail, I always open up to exactly what I need to read. This is what stared back at me.

“Look at the picture,” I said to myself and smiled. I thanked my Higher Power for confirming what was in my heart. Could it be that all of these things are happening so that I can shine light on it and recognize the message seeping through? Yes. It was so clear. I couldn’t carry out basic sentences because my mind was elsewhere and not on the task at-hand, my site crashed because I was focusing on all the changes that “needed to happen now” instead of focusing on other more important tasks, and as for the money issue…the Universe really wants me to understand and appreciate that every penny I earn is precious. I now know this – all because I was willing and ready to be guided to it. And now, I have peace of mind.

I never fail to marvel at what happens when I get out of my own freakin’ way and stop trying to make things happen on my own. We gotta take the guidance we need.

So, while J’adore la vie didn’t exactly happen today due to technical difficulties, I hope that you can take some comfort in knowing that any crap you go through is just a Divine Storm, as Mastin Kipp so beautifully says. It’s not a setback – it’s an opportunity in disguise. If that’s not a J’adore la vie moment, I don’t know what is.

Okay, I’m off to teach barre. See you tomorrow for day one of #plantPOWER. HOLLA!

Stay lovely,

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