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J’adore la vie Week 8

Posted Dec 13 2012 12:43pm
Yesterday, I was working from home. Matty came over on his way to the office to drop off some cookies we planned on bringing to our friends’ apartment that evening. We hung out and talked for a few minutes, catching up on life. The two of us are spending less time together due to work schedules, but the moments we do have together are so precious, raw, honest, and real. Before he left, we were joking around and Matty said, “I need you.” I smiled, looked him square in the eyes, and said, “I love you and I want you; but I don’t need you.” He laughed and smiled. 

To some of us that might seem downright crazy. Some of you might be thinking, “Girl, who the hell do you think you are talking to him like that?” But the reason Matty laughed and smiled is because he knew it too. He knows that he doesn’t need me to be okay. We just make each other better. That is love.

This was a total #jadorelavie moment for me.

Sometimes, we’re waiting for a big, grandeur gesture to save us. We’re waiting for a man or a woman to come and save us; we’re waiting for that big paycheck to give us financial security; we’re waiting for a new outfit to give us newfound body confidence. This is not to discredit the joy we receive (and deserve) from these things. But the more we search “out there” for stuff, the further we get from understanding that we already have everything we need “in here.” J’adore la vie moments bring us back to that; they help us remember that everything we could ever possibly need is right where we are. Right here. Right now. 

Quote of the Week

“Your perception of the world around you directly reflects your internal state. If you perceive a world of chaos, your mind and life will be chaotic. If you perceive a world of love, your mind and life will be filled with love.” #jadorelavie


Melissa stumbled upon some super rad street art that spoke straight to her heart:

I absolutely had a J’adore la vie moment while visiting San Francisco for an academic conference last week. I was feeling the stress and pressure from all the meetings and talking to other people in my field….when the sun finally came out on the last day of the conference and I went for a random stroll around the city by myself. This street art really reminded me to stop, breath and take in my surroundings. Then I met up with an old friend for a coffee date…best day ever!

Lauren basked in the simple (and profound) joy the sun can bring.

Lucie  spent time with her BFF at a Christmas get together.

Hilary channeled her inner kiddo and laid under the Christmas tree.

Lakshmi  (her blog is a MUST-READ!) took a tech break to sit with her honey.

Nadja  opened her eyes to a pretty priceless AM view.

Cait  made time to read on her lunch break, one of her favorite things.

Virginie  felt love and a sense of empowerment after her morning meditation.

Sara  wound down her day with simple pleasures that make her feel relaxed and “home” in her body..

Marie  began her day the best way she knows how: appreciating nature and yoga.

Lisa  enjoyed a night out with her best girlfriends. OW OW!

Angelica  set up her Christmas tree at home.

Kelsa  found inspiration and peace in a Bible verse…

…and a midday sky and a cup of tea!

Marie found wisdom in her Yogi tea reading.

Thank you all so much for participating in #jadorelavie! Together, we are helping others to remember and honor the moments of joy that happen everyday in our lives. Our mission for the week is to share #jadorelavie with someone and tweet about it! Maybe a friend, relative, or significant other is having an off day. Cheer them up by telling them about #jadorelavie! Encourage them to come here for a smile and gentle reminder that happiness is one decision away. The more people know about #jadorelavie, the more peace we can bring to each other’s lives. How’s that for a holiday gift?

Stay lovely,

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