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J’adore la vie Week 7

Posted Dec 06 2012 10:24am

Did you know that seven is my favorite number? It always has been. So, this week, the seventh week of J’adore la vie, has me feeling particularly blessed and grateful. I am infinitely expanded from your love and appreciation for J’adore la vie. It is a project that has been in my heart for so long and to have your support behind it for seven weeks is really symbolic for me … it’s like a verification that it truly isn’t going anywhere! 

J’adore la vie is a mindset and a movement. It’s a force of nature that already exists inside of you. J’adore la vie is French for “I love life.” We experience J’adore la vie moments every day – seemingly small moments that create a ball of positive energy in the middle of our chests. That positive ball of energy is like a cage of love inside of you just waiting to be released. What you do with that energy is so important not only to your  health and well-being but for that of the rest of the world. 

In light of this seventh week, I’ve got some homework for the J’adore la vie newbies. If you’re new to a J’adore la vie mindset or don’t know where to begin, it’s okay. Allow those thoughts to enter your mind. Acknowledge the fact that you’re not happy and can’t find joy in little moments. But, when those moments do  happen for you: document them. Write them down in a J’adore la vie journal, tweet them, Instagram them, or, better yet, email them to me at heather[at]fortheloveofkale[dot]com. If you’re not comfy with me posting your J’adore la vie moment, that’s okay. Just share it! Sharing your joy with others will allow you to be what you were meant to be for others: a woman or man of service to others.

Today’s Tweetable Quote of the Week

‎”Light trumps lack. Reflect your inner light onto everyone you meet and what you perceive as lack will no longer exist.” ~ #jadorelavie


Lucie used her tools to beat her urge to binge:

An important situation today for me!! I am a bit in this winter depression I have every year – not too much to worry about, but I just feel a bit sluggish most of the days. Today’s morning I was shortly before a binge – already had exactly in mind which foods it would be. Then I glanced back and saw your 3 tips ‘ Beating the binge with Love ‘ I pinned on my bulletin board. In that moment I grabbed my gymbag, cycled to the pool and swam for 45minutes, while meditating the sentence ‘I forgive…’ in my head. Now I am back at my desk, had a healthy lunch and am SO glad I did not binge. Thank you again, it’s a great help!! #jadorelavie!!

Reader Amanda spent time with her BFF’s baby girl. There’s no denying the miracle of a newborn!

Visiting my best friend and her brand new beautiful baby girl :) amazing feeling

Chelsea got her groove on to Christmas music! HOLLA.

Shannon enjoyed foods she might not normally enjoy on the weekend and felt amazing putting  nourishment into her body on Monday.

Angele  and her husband enjoyed a much-needed day date.

Lucie felt as peace while on a run in the snow. 

Nadja got comfy-cozy inside while it snowed outdoors.

Becki put up her Christmas decorations while it snowed. 

Lori and Gary hosted their first Christmas party with friends!

On Friday, Gina was reminded of the gift of life.

Susie enjoyed dinner with her hubby.

Amanda was inspired by Kasey , Cait , Andrea , and myself to embrace every part of herself.

Gillian did yoga in Paris.

Steph was inspired by this amazing poster.

Meg snuggled with Lily, one of the fluffiest, cutest puppies on the planet!

Meg received an incredible surprise the other evening, on her walk home.

Debbie started her day in the best way: with love from Yogi tea !

Andrea savored her morning “me time.”

Amanda made some vegan hot cocoa in a snowman mug.

Lori watched the sunset in her backyard.

Cait’s custom calendar (alliteration for my girl!) reminded her of why she is #tooblessedtobestressed.

My soul sister Lakshmi  reflected on her trip to Miami with her BFF.

Ashley and her husband took their precious nephew Christmas tree shopping.

My j’adore la vie moment of week came on Tuesday, after my morning meditation. The Universe gave me a new message: to start a new series on the blog this spring. I can’t wait to reveal it to all of you! Just know that you’re going to lurrrve it.

Keep spreading your light and, as always…

Stay lovely,

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