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J’adore la vie Week 27

Posted Jun 13 2013 2:58pm

When our energy is calm, we are open. We are not distracted and engaged my fear; we are free and open to receive. It’s the opposite of what we’re taught. We are raised to “go out and get” stuff. But, really where has that gotten you? In my experience, “going out and getting” has brought anxiety, fear, control, and manipulation. When we set our intentions, act and work hard in the name of love, and stay engaged, life flows and we don’t have to “go out and get” anything because what we need comes to us. Keep working hard, of course. I’m not saying that you should just sit on your butt and do nothing. Engage yourself. Be passionate. Bring passion to everything you do. Just be open to sitting back and receiving, and allowing the Universe to give you what you need instead of what youthink you need.


The more we cherish the many “J’adore la vie” moments that we have each and every day, the closer we come to knowing that we are entitled to live in a “J’adore la vie” mindset not just in those specific moments but always. Bring that “J’adore la vie” mindset to everything you do.

Quote of the week: “Your sacred contract is to be of service to the world and your soul finds way to express that in so many different forms.” – Caroline Myss


Debbie worked from home, outside on her front porch! Tough day at work. ;)


Heather chilled on the couch with her kitty. 


Jordan and her mama vacationed in Hawaii! 


  Sloane struck a yoga pose in the middle of Utah – her new home! 


Heather gives us a total #jadorelavie manifesto. 


  Becky took in the beautiful sights of Boston. 


  Debbie chopped and prepped fresh veggies for the week. Nothing like some culinary therapy.


 Mary Kate went running…in Europe! Quite the view, huh?


  Angelica spent time with her friends on vacation in Argentina!


  Meg is studying A Course in Miracles too – with her pup, no less!


  Mandie spread some sunshine on the cloudy day with her beautiful smile. You go girl!


Stay lovely,

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