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J’adore la vie Week 20

Posted Apr 18 2013 2:32pm

J’adore la vie is a really awesome way for me to celebrate you. Yes, YOU! I’m so grateful that you come to my little corner of the blogging world. I’m so grateful that you care about the messages I am guided to share with you and I’m grateful that you care enough to share them. I’m just really grateful for you. So, today, I want to celebrate you. Every time I receive a comment, email, or tweet from a reader or blogger or friend, my heart swells. And when you share these messages, my heart nearly explodes. Because that is really what this community is all about … creating a safe space to come to where you feel so inspired that you want to share it with others. Not because I want accolades…but because, as we can see in our world, we have a lot of work to do. And that means we have to keep spreading and shedding our message. So, thanks for making my life one big beautiful J’adore la vie moment. I love you!


Quote of the Week: “In order to be who you are, you must let go of who you think you are.” – Michael Singer


Bree is creating miracles in women’s lives by helping them push their bodies and their minds. She is a rock star trainer! You can email her at for online personal training.


Lucie admired the gorgeous sunset near her house. Can you imagine seeing this sight every night?!


Nadja embraced the sunshine and warmer weather by going for a nice long walk.


My sister Lakshmi picked up the guitar again: “After months today I got back to holding my baby. Do feel a tad bit bad for ignoring her for soo long while running from task to task. After 2 weeks of uneasiness and a sort of cleanse that seems to be taking place in all aspects of my life , my baby reminds me that it is okay to feel the way you do. Similar to the way we tune the guitar, uneasiness and shitty experience is the Universe’s way of tuning us and getting us back into our groove. So embrace how you feel and listen to your soul.”



Britt’s mother gave her such a beautiful gift with their special phrase!




Debbie’s work friends bought her a beautiful bouquet of flowers!




Brittany’s yorkie, Bentley, makes me melt every time I see his freakin’ adorable face. 




Kasey made a beautiful, healthy, and plentiful plant-based meal for herself and her man!




Linz stopped, smelled, and stared.




Emily (@loveemilyi) took her pup for a walk in the sunshine!




Ally  and her man worked some eskimo kisses into their date.




Sloane  really embraced . She participated in this challenge head-on and grew tremendously because of it. She is such an amazing example of diving head-first into fear and being willing to become uncomfortable for a bit in order to heal. Love you!




Britt ( @bhorton3 ) found a heart on her orange!




Claire’s (@claire_ty) view while on her walk. Wowie.


Stay lovely,

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