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J’adore la vie Week 14

Posted Jan 24 2013 11:04am
As we continue onto week 13 of J’adore la vie, I’m blown away. I really am. Each week, I feel like the photographs tagged with the #jadorelavie hash tag further encapsulate the message. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me create this sacred space. I love you all!

Today, I’d like to dedicate today’s post to a very important day for my home state of Rhode Island. Today, the RI house votes on the same-sex marriage bill. Rhode Island is the only New England state that has not legalized same-sex marriage. I hope you join me in saying this short passage. The more we unite in the same loving energy, the more it vibrates to others and to the world. Fo’ real! Let’s get to work. ;-)

“Divine source of love, please fill the hearts of the Rhode Island senate with love. Help them to hold space for love and equality over fear and separation, for it is in our unity that we will heal.”



My soul sister Lakshmi gave an amazing talk to her classmates, inspired from The Magic of Thinking Big. Watch this video, babes. It’s incredible. I love this girl so much. SO proud of you, Lakshmi!

Erica gave herself an amazing gift: 5 minutes to meditate and connect.

Lauren took an afternoon yoga class. Perfect way to break up the day!

  Lucie is on vacation in Spain! She walked on the beach in the sunshine! 

Annie had a beautiful encounter with a total stranger.

Hannah soaked up the peaceful, gorgeous view from her window.

Check out the scene Lucie came home too! Her hubby’s a keeper for sure.

Kasey and I had a great phone chat and she tweeted some advice I gave her. We’re always learning from each other. She inspires me every. single. day.

Angie began day four of May Cause Miracles with her gratitude meditation!

Wise words from Mary-Kate. A true #jadorelavie quote!

Thayanne had some quality family time in the snow hills of France.

Kaci got a rockin’ surpise from her mom: her favorite protein powder, complete with a bow!

KC had a #jadorelavie meal: salad and wine. Holla! 

Mandiee had a kick-butt workout, wore her favorite sorority tee, and had two great classes! Sounds like a beautiful day to me.

Does Lori’s smile make you melt too? Okay, cool.

Lacey  went on a mug-painting date with her mama. Check out what she made! I might die.

Lauren’s view says it all. MAGICAL.

Lizzy  stumbled across a miracle on her walk home. Her neighbors created a neighborhood lending library! Miracle workers, baby.

Ree crafted an incredibly delicious-looking butternut squash soup!

Angela  is studying to become a health coach with IIN and knows she is fulfilling her purpose! 

Stay lovely,

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